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Catcall's top 12 predictions for 2012

If her more-infectious-than-a-cup-of-hepatitis new single, Satellites, is an accurate prelude, then sassy Sydney electronic pop lady, Catcall, is going to have a huge 2012. But she's not the only one, right? There's (probably) going to be heaps of things happening — trends appearing, trends disappearing, more jeggings, less leggings, low-rise jeans, Keppers, leopard-skin print tights etc etc. And outside of fashion, things will probably happen as well.

Like in the world of music. Something which Catcall knows a lot about (she's a musician). She recently took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to jot down her (100% guaranteed) music-related predictions for the next twelve months....

1. Every solo female artist that released an 80s inspired pop album in 2009/2010 is going to change their sound to show their "range". Album will probably flop.

2. Jangly British four piece male indie bands will again garner audience attention and critical adulation even though they haven't changed since the year 2000.

3. At least 6 female artists will be compared or touted as the next "Bjork" because they are Brunette/Black haired and slightly ethnic looking with creepy vocals.

4. People will still love Joanna Newsom, and she will release a six part triple LP where she pretends she is an ant traveling through a forrest. It will be huge.

5. Australia will maintain its fascination with gimmicky hit songs and continue to embarrass us to the rest of the world.

6. There will be another internet sensation ala Odd Future, that everyone will be over by the 2nd of January 2012.

7. Lana Del Rey is going to look really incredible in all her photos and videos and release many new singles and an album, but everyone will still be obsessed with Video Games and not really care about anything else.

8. The sound of 90's pop ska bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones is going to make a comeback as the sound of 2012. Start writing.

9. The Veronica's are going to release a dubstep pop record. It's going to do really well. They will appear in sexually suggestive photos together. People will be into this.

10. Whimsy isn't going anywhere...

11. There will be a complete avalanche of artists that try to sound like The Weeknd....avalanche....

12. Catcall is either gonna be bigger than Kylie Minogue or smaller than ya Dad's band that plays at the Cat and Fiddle on Wednesday nights a couple of times a year. There's absolutely no other outcome.

Catcall's debut LP, The Warmest Place, is due in February via Ivy League.

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