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Dan Deacon + Beaches + High Places + Lawrence Arabia @ Oxford Art Factory

It has taken us (urgh.. me) a while to get around to writing about this show. My feelings towards the night are hard to encapsulate into words. Words are like weapons. They have the power to stab you in the face. And also make me seem like a bitter old man.

So please keep in mind as you read this review...

  1. I think Mistletone do a great job. Actually, they are pretty much the best independent label in Australia.
  2. I am not a scenester hater. Pretentious people just need hugs. Or life experience. Or kicks in the shins. Everyone comes good.
  3. I think Dan Deacon is an extremely awesome live performer. A real showman.

Ok... onwards...

Lawrence Arabia opened up the night. Well for us anyway. Sorry we missed you Mr Barrage.

Lawrence's melodic pop style is fairly enjoyable. The best songs were the ones that built up from a gentle opening to a triumphant, mild-explosion.

High Places were the clear highlight of the night. Completely engaging and bringing together a whole bunch of different (electro/organic) sounds to build a fantastically unique style. Artsy but genuine.

Beaches have probably been the most hyped band in this country for the past six months or so. It's not that I think they are wack BUT I definitely don't 'get it'. Their performance was entertaining but hardly mindblowing.

It was around this time that the place got slightly overrun by coolsies. Drunk coolsies. Spilling their [insert coolsie drink here] all over the place. Some girl had her shoes off. Bouncers 'talked' to her, presumably about the importance of wearing shoes in public so she doesn't appear to be a trashbag BUT didn't ask her to leave even though her standing-up brain mechanism had clearly been taken out into the a nearby alleyway and violently beaten to death.

Dan Deacon was stretching and warming up for his performance off to the side of the stage as Beaches played. On several occasions people uber-trendy scenester wanksters came up to him and took photos. After the second or third time this happened it started to become obvious that he was (understandably) annoyed. The negative vibe had started.

The main problem with Deacon's performance was the dividing line between him and the crowd. Even though he had set himself in the middle of the dance floor he was noticeably not in the same place as the audience. He repeatedely tried his best to engage them into the performance but everyone seemed more focused on getting crunked up. It was kinda late by this stage as well (around 1am - they were about 45 minutes behind schedule) and people were already in 'all night' party mode.

The show was still FUN but nowhere near as fantastic as the show last year. After all the positive reports from his Serial Space show the night before I think that would have been a much better option for those (like me) who are genuine fans and not just there to get drunk and dance in be seen.

Ok, so I know that makes me sound like a bitter old man BUT it was impossible to ignore all the kids who seemed to have just picked up on 'this Dan Deacon guy' the week before.

On a more positive note - the NEW songs sounded brilliant. A lot less 'party' than the Spiderman Of The Rings stuff so a lot more for bedrooms than night clubs. More solid as well though. Like slabs of meat. The kinda of meat that you listen to through headphones. Meat that smothers you to death, killing you in a heart attack murderous spree. Metaphors.

No sign of No Age guy [tears] BUT there was a few people trying similar 'photo bombing' goofiness.

Just like last time, there was plenty of tunnel ballin' games. Deacon tried to get the tunnel going so it made it out onto Oxford St. Alas, it failed BUT 12 points for the effort.

Thanks to Gem for the great photos (note: the only reason I felt like 'I had to' review this show).

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