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Death Grips vs 'The Man'
Anarchy and Insufficient Bandwidth

Anarchism in this modern age has been reduced to a small note in a marketing plan and/or a stylist's reference point whilst he/she is transforming a band into the rebellious poster children of the five minute popularity contest. Even acts of genuine defiance are met with so much skepticism that they're usually reduced to ridicule after a few laps around the re-blog circuit.

Yesterday, rap/rock hybrid wild cats, Death Grips, put their new album, No Love Deep Web, up on their website, against the wishes of their (major) label, Epic Records. The band even taunted "the suits" via Twitter, stating that this would be the first time the fine folks over at Epic HQ had even heard the album. Not long after the leak went up, their website was suspended.

Media sensationalism and the subsequent press release party began. Conclusions were leaped to and all of a sudden blame was squarely thrust upon Epic for blocking access to Free Music, shutting down the website and causing the continual poor retail performance in North America.

Oh, but don't let some Facts get in the way of another Hate-fest of a Major Label...

FACT 1. The site was hosted on Monster. They're a notoriously unreliable cheap-as-a-diseased-hooker hosting service. For under a Fiver you'll get your website hosted and added to a popular web-ring. You'll also get about 5 megabytes worth of bandwidth, so only moments after you post that nudy pic of the aforementioned diseased hooker, your account will be pulled.

FACT 2. Epic would only be able to pull the website if they were the "admins" of the site. If they are, then that means either; a) Death Grips have given them access (password security guys!); or b) They set up the account originally and thus own the site and content posted on there. If the latter is true, then they had all the rights in the world to shut the site down. Monster allowing the non-owner of a hosting service to pull down a site would be violation of about a billion different Web Laws. Something they wouldn't risk even if asked politely by a Major Label with all their non-UN-sanctioned global powers.

FACT 3. Epic is also the home of Avril Lavigne, M People, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Meatloaf and Pauly Shore. Do you really think they have time and/or give a shit about some vaguely political Limp Bizkit wannabes from Sacramento.

FACT 4. I've never really forgiven Death Grips for canceling their Australian Tour in January because "we're kind of a big deal now".

FACT 5. *Site.

FACT 6: Epic, even with all their Man-like powers, were unable to pull the record down from Soundcloud. Listen to No Love Deep Web in it's entirety below...

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Royal Milkshake

Anarchism as a belief system is fundamentally flawed, because it relies on the notion that people are going to feel some kind of social or moral responsibility to other human-beings and everyone knows the majority of people are assholes who only care about themselves and wouldn't do a fucking thing for anyone else if they weren't made to do so.

Anyways the whole concept is meaningless these days since punk turned Anarchism from meaning a political belief system that derides the existence of government in favour of volunteer organisations into something being controversial and provoking some kind of civil unrest.

It's a dumb dumb dumb belief system for people who haven't thought enough about the issue of government to come up with an alternative. C'mon, even the libertarians aren't that stupid.

I suppose I kind of missed the point of this article, sorry.

8 years ago

Royal Milkshake

And now I realise that what you actually meant by anarchism was anti-authoritarianism. Makes a lot more sense now.

8 years ago


maybe they should put there shit on "Napster" o wait that was 2001

8 years ago



8 years ago

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