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Ghosts Of Television + Yes Nukes + Bangle Tigers @ La Campana

Is it against the 'internet law' to review a show that I helped to organise?

Is it wrong/uncool/super-hip to label this 'show of the year' when I had a strong hand and/or arm in making it so?

Are you really ready for me to unleash more gushing praise than a Pitchfork review of the new Panda Bear vs Black Kids vs No Age vs Tapes N Tapes (circa 2006) mixmaster project?

Survey says?

Continue? Ok.

As chief 'promoter' of the evening I knew I was going to be facing an uphill battle, considering the fact that the second game of the State Of Origin series was also on. As you can see in this diagram the percentage of Ghosts Of Television and Yes Nukes fans who are also fans of rugby league is incredibly high.

fans of Ghosts of TV and Yes Nukes vs fans of rugby league

But it all worked out well. The Gods Of Rock N Roll, Firearms and Wednesday Night Beer were smiling down on us and everything went to plan. There was around 15,000 people in attendance and they all (ok, only about 97%) went home with that lovely warm feeling of enjoyment inside the cockles of their heart region.

The night was kicked into gear by Bangle Tigers who did a great job being last minute fill-ins for Dom who came down with an illness that was described to me as 'deadly'. In fact, the Bangle Tigers, affectionately known to me as Da Bangles, only got the call-up seventeen minutes before the show and yet they were still there 12 minutes early and dressed to impress and/or pillage the audience with their smooth, ass-kicking tunes. They did a 'bang-up job'. Not to say they banged anyone up, but just to say they were highly enjoyable.

Yes Nukes are the band of the future. You don't need me to tell you they are the hottest/best rock outfit in the world at the moment. Hands down.

Ghosts Of Television also put on a highly enjoyable set. Flawless and also clawless. Ok, maybe the guy who played the first half of their set on synth had claws. He opened a beer for me with them mid-way through the show. And didn't miss a 'beat'.

I am making most of this up as I actually got arrested early on in the night when I 'djed together' Public Enemy's Don't Believe The Hype and an underground remix of a Fait Accompli song. The sheer power of the blend caused all those in attendance to have multiple orgasms and subsequently die.

This was undeniably the best show of 2008/ever.

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ho ho ho
i was so tired that night
but it was tre awesomeee

1 decade ago


credit for the venn diagram goes to mike.
aka me.
how good are venn diagrams on a scale of one to awesome? awesome.

1 decade ago


i used one in my classroom on thursday.

1 decade ago

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