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Interview: DZ

Things are really happening for DZ. They're plotting a New York invasion, as well as putting in motion plans to record their highly anticipated debut LP. But that's all future shit. For now, it's all about pushing their latest single Gebbe Street and sticking to what they do best - ruckus-y live shows which make you wanna double fist some beer/honeyz, Jagerbomb yourself to extinction and denounce all other music - ever.

We recently sat down with the Brisbane duo to talk about all of this and, most importantly, sync up plans to fucking party down in New York in October.

So.. first up, the new single is out and around. Is there a new EP on the way?

Don't think so. This is just a single that we have recorded ourselves to try keep us going through the rest of the year. Looking more to an album next year.

Ah .. well.. assumed that was the next step/goal...

Definitely. We want to have a bangin' album out next year sometime.

Too early for details? Are Justice on board?

[side note: the band have repeatedly expressed interest in (somehow) recording with French techno duo Justice.]

Ha ha.. no Justice as yet. Not sure where we'll record actually. We're planning on spending at least six months overseas next year. Hopefully.


Depending on how we go in NYC I guess. If there is someone who wants to help us out and get us back to the US then we will go back there. Otherwise.. Europe.. Berlin.. get all minimal techno.

So.. New York .. you'll be there for CMJ...? Got many shows lined up already.



I'm actually going to be there when you guys are there...

Yeah man, it's going to be pretty awesome that we will get to hang out. And drink.

Fucking stalking...right?

Ha. We'll be there for a couple of weeks pre-CMJ, also trying to play some shows/warehouse parties. We have a crew of about 9 going over also.


Pretty much.

Reckon having just 7 people on stage not doing anything. Just heavies. Always a positive move.

Yeah. We've actually got no idea who else is playing over there. Should be great though. As we've both not been to New York before. Apparently there's this amazing pizza place under the Brooklyn Bridge. So, we'll go and do that. Cool?

For sure.

So, what else is planned for the rest of the year? Just see what the feedback is like from New York and take it from there?

Yeah, well we have some fundraiser shows, then we go over to NYC, then come home and hopefully play the festivals [over summer] and keep writing and maybe record again also.

We're just keeping our options open for NYC though for sure.

And how's Brisbane? Do you feel you might be out growing of it now?

Ummmm... not really. It's a fun city because we have heaps of friends here and its great to party in.

But at the same time, just trying to book shows overseas makes you realise how small you are in the bigger picture and we are going to have to spend a good amount of time overseas, touring and touring to give this band thing a good shot. We would [also] rather move overseas than move to another Australian city at this point. Plus we want to go somewhere we don't have to work day jobs.

Wasn't sure if it was a sydney thing - but often I feel that bands get stuck doing the same thing. I mean, the same venues until they eventually just get over it and stop playing.

Yeah, we have kinda strict rules on not playing Brisbane every weekend.

What do you mean?

Well, we just have to limit ourselves when playing Brisbane shows, although we would love to play everyone we get offered sometimes we just have to say no, to people who are our friends. I guess the whole thing is to make our shows here really massive and special.

Ah, of course. And do you play a lot of house parties still?

Well we play(ed) a couple of warehouse parties recently. But there are a couple of house parties coming up that we would like to play. Also our other band [Velociraptor] gets into playing house parties too so we try play those ones as well.

Velociraptor - Hey Suzanne

How is the local scene in Brisbane? Obviously it seems a lit easier with venues etc than Sydney. But it's powered ultimately by the bands and the fans. Is it still a community or has it widened out too much?

Yeah, it seems like recently it has been really good. Everyone seems to be going to see different bands. Like, I was at Richard In Your Mind and SPOD last Friday here [side note: about five weeks ago when this interview happened] and it was a great turn out. Awesome show. Then I was at Violent Soho and it was a sell out pre sale and such a great vibe.

And what about the smaller Brisbane bands?

Yeah, for smaller bands there are some really awesome club nights going on that are pulling like 400+ people to and they are just having upstart bands there. And it's on a Thursday so it doesn't get effected by the bigger weekend shows.

Well that's encouraging.. and what are they bands like that are coming out of this? Any bands we should keep an eye out for? Unfortunately, we don't get too much exposure to Brisbane bands down here...

Running Guns are awesome. That's some people out of Velociraptor.

You see the same people at totally different shows, it's great to see that crossover.

There's never really been a distinct Brisbane sound either. Always seems like theres plenty of variety emerging which is nice.

Yeah we see that too. The bands we are all friends with are so different in sound to us. But we really like all their music. It seems brisbane people don't really care about sounding like someone who they already know.

I've found that Canberra are following the similar lead, seems like a bunch of awesome bands coming out of there at the moment..

Yeah, there was this band called Assassins 88 from Canberra I really liked.

Yeah, Assassins 88 and TV Colours was who I had in mind. Actually, I find all the Dream Damage stuff really exciting.

I like Canberra. Everytime we have played there we have slept in the car as we don't know anyone. And get drunk so cant drive back to Sydney.

Are there plans to come back to Sydney soon? Just that one show in September?

Yeah at the moment. It seems like ages since we have played there. It was really good when we were playing OAF and World Bar and Hopetoun last year. We were there heaps. It became a second home for us and we made heaps of good friends really quickly. It took a little longer to do that in Melbourne.

How's the reception been in Melbourne?

Really great the last couple of time we played there. We played alongside Yacht Club DJs and Howl and the crowd was massive and they stood at the front which was a change. Melbourne is the place where we started buying jugs of beer and putting them at the front of the stage for the crowd so they would come forward and also get some free beer.

Great tactic.

It totally worked.

Maybe that'll be the secret to making it in America as well. Dangle some coke at the front, get the scenesters moving forward.

If only we had the money... coke for every scenester.

Ha.. so the new york plan is to just play shitloads of shows?

Yep. We want to play some shows leading up to CMJ to try muster some interest in getting people to come see us at CMJ. Then give us coke. Then we will party like never before.

Pretty sure thats how the music industry works.

Gebbie Street (via TwoThousand)

Ok.. so back to your new song, Gebbie Street, is it a real street?

Yeah. Not too far from my place actually. There is a house that our friends live in there which is renowned for these slow burn parties. Pretty awesome.

And when you wrote the song you thought it was a bit of a slow burner....?

Haha yeah.. I think they dig that the song is called Gebbie Street. It's also a great hill to bomb if you've got mad skateboarding skillz.

Do you guys skate?

Sci can. I cannot. I can ride BMX - nearly as cool. But still nowhere near it. Everyone skates these Z-Flex boards now.

Yeah, wish I could skate. Some buddies of mine recently put a half pipe in there living room.

That is freaking awesome. At the Gebbie [Street] house they built this amazing half pipe and had it in the front yard. But the neighbours complained about the noise. Buzzkills. So they had to sell it.

Do you have any problems with the warehouse shows getting shut down, or are they outta the way enough?

Well, that one we were meant to play about a month ago was shut down at 8pm. Unbelievable. I hadn't even gotten to the party yet and it was over. And they had this amazing set up. The problem was there were houses across the road.

But tickets were like $25 for that so you could imagine the set up that went on to have to charge that much. Had a massive PA. But the cop station was a block away though and the warehouse was on a hill. I think the cops would have been able to hear it.

But we also played a warehouse show on the Goldy 2 weeks ago. It was so mental.. like scarey mental. I think while the first band played there were 4 fights. One which knocked my bass amp over and broke it.

Ha, fuck.. is that just the Gold Coast?

Yeah, too many young dudes all pumped up on rum and goon. Plus, loads of under-agers outside - who lit a fire on the road. We got cut short that night too. The crowd wasn't as mental when we played though - thankfully.

Fuck, sound pretty nuts. Ok, well you in New York I guess?

Fucking balls, yeah.

October 24 is my birthday, if you're still there...

Yep, that's our last night. We will party!

The script is pretty much writing itself.

To Be Continued...


Catch DZ at their last two NYC fundraising shows next week:

Friday, September 10: Purple Sneakers @ Miss Libertine, Melbourne
Saturday, September 11: Spectrum, Sydney

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