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Interview: SPOD


World famous bedroom electro-hip-hopping juggernaut, SPOD, has just released his new album Superfrenz - dedicated to all those lovely people who helped him out when his hard drive EXPLODED last year.

Before he packs up the party bus and begins a voyage around the country in celebration of the new 'bundle of musical joy' we were fortunate to sit down with him (metaphorically) and ask him tough questions about Johnny Gill, the craziness of the Tucker B's and sexiness of cats.

You recently covered 2 Live Crew's We Want Some Pussy as the b-side for the Cats single. Are there any other covers planned? Is there any chance you will cover Johnny Gill's The Floor, Tha Dogg Pound's Let's Play House or Ini Kamoze's fucking monstrous track Here Comes The Hotstepper?

F'reels. I'm a big fan of Keith Sweat, so I wanna drop Freaky With You on the next 7", let me make u soakin' wet. Then Another Bad Creations' Iesha on the next. I'll have to put your suggestions on later volumes.

How good is/was Johnny Gill? I almost cried when he pulled out of the recent KC and Jo-Jo tour. I imagine it's kind of how you might have felt when your hard drive 'exploded' and erased all of the material for the new album a few months back. There isn't really a question here, but if there was it would - Johnny Gill is rad, ay?

I tell you, I needed some Johnny Gill when that shit went down. He's a tender man who has the key to touch you. Watch the clip for It's Your Body and be redefined, ya'll. The motherfucker is in an ocean of sheet music waitin' to fuck the shit out of your body. His heart is a never ending highway of sex jams on the way to westville unto eternity.

How do you respond to rumours that the whole hard drive 'incident' was all a publicity stunt to create more drama than a 24 hour 'Number 96' marathon?

Rumours? Great album! Fleetwood Mac 4 eva! I've never heard anyone think it was a stunt, and if they do think that, then they think I'm a douchebag and are going to a hell you and I don't understand.

If you had to describe your new album, Superfrenz, in one word what would it be? (hyphens are allowed)


After the hard drive melting, was there a breakthrough moment when you decided to 'get back on the horse' (with the horse being a metaphor for 'making music' not heroin) and re-make your lost work? Or was the decision reached because you were just getting hassled from all sides?

Friends. Friends were the breakthrough moment, to get a lil touchy feely on ya. I packed it in, threw in the towel and put the album to sleep, and was contemplating packing in the whole Spod thing, which is about 95.9% of my being, and these friends and legends got together with their lovely hearts and a bit of money and put together enough to get me back one drive, which was still corrupted. But after that, if I didn't finish this shit, then I blew it for them, you know? I just hope they still give a shit, because it's been a while, and they don't visit anymore. Come back! I scraped together as many photos of them as possible for the inside of my album alongside the people who helped me get the album made, with them all exploding out of Friend Island Mountain.

Of the many awesome hip-hop albums released in 1993 and 1994, what is your favourite?

Shit... I think Doggystyle came out this year, but I kind of hated it at first, too smooth for my young brutal dude ears. But years later the shit dawned on me like the first dawn, and I felt its brilliance. Futurecore. But Ultramagnetic MCs did release The Four Horsemen, whilst it's no Funk Your Head Up, it's pretty amazing. Then there's Wu Tangs 36 Chambers... And BIG's Ready to Die... Oh fuck... And NAS' Illmatic that shit slapped my face like a life sandwich.... Or there's Hello Nasty which was the Beastie Boys first step to falling the fuck off. Um, there's my answer...

2pac or Notorious B.I.G or Eazy-E or Big L or Big Pun or Kurupt or Jazzy Jeff?

B.I.G. and Eazy, easy!

Will the Tucker B's be your backing band for your upcoming album tour? Are they as crazy as they seem?

Well, it's 2 Tucker B's, 1 Richard In Your Mind and 1 Tyler Taylor from Los Angeles, the worlds greatest session drummer in the world. And yes, they're like buttered wasps in a shotgun.

Who is the craziest Tucker B?

Hmmmm, what's the most Ice Cream out of Neapolitan. Feel me? There could be a new member of the Tucker B's though, so watch out for that...

Who is the most huggable musician on the Sydney music 'scene'? Is it a Tucker B?

Me. I'm the most huggable dude ever. G funk, Step to this, I dare ya.

Sorry, this interview seems to now be more about the Tucker B's. Promise this is the last question about them - have you heard their new album? If so, is it as incredible as my imagination makes it out to be?

Fucking shitcans! It's really, REALLY fantastic. Like, you know how music exists in your mind and it's so bullshit you cum quadrants of awesbullets? Yep, that good. Bird Surgeon will redefine you.

What can people expect on the upcoming tour? Is it true there will be elephants on stage? Is there any chance of breakdancing midgets in the centre of the dancefloor?

Broken Breakhead elephants on the trunks of forest elves vibrating atomic galactaformical blubberponies. Plus me, a 4 piece band (The Orsumators) and a 4 piece lady dance crew (The Orsumettes) and the best songs of our time. Our being humans. Human time.

Is it true that the October 25 show at Oxford Art Factory will be dedicated to me, seeing as it's my birthday the day before?

How do you keep hearing these industry secrets.... I was going to resurrect Michael Hutchence and sing you happy birthday in silent.

How strong is your love of cats? Is it too strong? Is there any chance you could be arrested for your 'over admiring' felines?

We Want Some Pussy is enough to get me clinked. Love em. A LOT. That song IS bout cats.

Ok.. last question AND because I have learnt all of my interview 'skills' from Peter Overton it's going to be a bit of a controversial one. Do you think the final version of Superfrenz is better than the one that would have been created had the 'great hard drive meltdown of 2008' not happened? Do you think we will ever be able to travel back in time or to a parellel universe (almost like that great show 'Sliders') and compare them side by side AND if we could what do you think the notable differences would be?

I think this version is wayyyyyy better. It's more developed in parts whilst rawer in others, and I wrote Time Maggots Eating The Flesh Of Destiny after the meltdown, so that alone is proof shit's way radder. I had a chance to do it right, and I think I did. For me, at least, and really that's the only person you can aim to please. Me. And you. x.

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el zilcholas

There aren't enough Sliders references on this site

1 decade ago


That interview melted my mind-sicles.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

in a positive way?

1 decade ago

el zilcholas

i'm cumming quadrants of awesbullets

1 decade ago


of course!
dont doubt your word- detonation jonny!

1 decade ago


tyler taylor HAHA. this is the best interview I've ever read. ever.

1 decade ago

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