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Polaroids Of Androids


Polaroids Of Japandroids
Part 2: Darkness on the Edge of Festival Town

Design By Rav, seriously consider him for your next Bar-mitzvah Invite.


Some updates over the past few days...

Chances of dodging around the "no sideshows" policy and getting Polaroids of Japandroids to actually happen has been downgraded from a "category six tropical maybe" to a "probably not".

#JAPANDROIDSBBQ2013 never started trending. It was maybe too long.

According to Folks, Laneway has a contract with the band that's as tight as a nun's basinet. Even invite-only, corporate sponsored events (sorry/thanks Pepsi!) are deemed a threat to their ticket sales. Do the people who plan to attend Laneway even know who is playing? Let them know it's Christmas time.

People have gone into Bat for us and we appreciate that. More than maybe we've expressed in electronic mail correspondences and/or angry, badly constructed, Facebook status updates. Thanks mate/s. You know who you are.

We're planning to re-visit this idea closer to the date via kidnap plots and other more traditional methods. We're going to keep that little sign-up thing open for a few more days so we know you care (it makes us feel better). So, drop your details over there and we'll let you know if anything/everything happens.

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The O


8 years ago


This is some serious bullshit. :angry:

8 years ago


Can I suggest a Polaroids of FIDLAR warehouse show / BBQ when they come out for Splendour

7 years ago

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