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Z-Trip @ Hyde Park Barracks

You say 'bad photo from an iPhone', I say 'artistic'.

He played Dead Prez's Hip Hop with Lil Wayne rapping over the top.

Best. (DJ). Show. Ever.

Game over. Fin. Aced with a bullet etc.

Z-Trip is the original Girl Talk. Only better, older, chubbier, balder and less shit. He powers off the back of the same (almost) ironic style of mash-up DJ-ing which makes him both entertaining and humorous. I love it that he just threw songs by Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine into his set (out of nowhere!). Who would have thought mid-90s headbanging tunes would get such a euphoric reaction from the almost-thirty-something dudes amped off summer good times and shitloads of Becks? What an effing genius.

It should probably also be pointed out that there were some other moments through his hour plus performance that 'people' might have also 'liked', including the required "I like it raw" drawling of Capt ODB, a brilliant little snippet of sex-bomb James Brown and an unexpected spin of M.O.P's riot-provoking Ante Up, all of which caused me to repeatedly get my 'drunk Carlton dance on'.

Mr Trip hardly put a foot wrong during his set and on more than one occasion I found myself getting stupidly excited over the fact I knew the (incredibly well-known and popular) song he had just 'dropped'. Yes, that is his 'angle'. And yes, I am a loser.

The night wasn't without drama though, with two very strange things happening towards the end of the show...

1. Some guy standing in front of me turned around and gave me a 'you just pinched my ass' look.

Ok, for the record - I hadn't touched him. I would admit to that if I had. I kinda like playing 'random grab ass' BUT I am not going to say I did when I didn't. OJ Simpson? His ass wasn't my kind of ass anyway. No homo.

After the initial burning glance of the guy, there was some sort of confusing exchange of looks between me, him, my friend White Josh and his girlfriend. Then his lady came over, hugged me and said it was all going to be ok. Sure I was drunk of about $400 of Beck's beer at the time BUT I still found the whole thing extremely confusing. Even now, I am not sure exactly what happened.

2. Z-Trip closed out the encore portion of his set by leading the crowd in a sing-a-long version of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Is this the normal thing for a hip-hop DJ show? Should White Josh have cleared out a ten foot radius around him moments before the Wayne's World head-banging part? Is that bad 'concert form'? Again, more questions that answers.

As strange as the climax of this show was, every ounce of confusion was matched with four cups of brilliance. As well as eleven and a half spoons of irony, a bucket of "Oh no he didn't" and about 17mL of lame white boy dance moves. Lovely stuff.

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