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Bluesfest @ Byron Bay

Over the weekend I travelled to 'The spiritual capital of Australia' (read: a formely charming town, now ruined by too many tourists and the amenities that come along with them) for a couple of days of the 18th annual Blues & Roots Festival. I've always found myself to be too middle class and white to really connect with this sort of music, but my lady friend likes it and it was a good excuse for a holiday so along I went.

The only band I was really keen to see were The Roots, and they were far from disapointing. Anyone that attempts to deny that watching 15,000 white people singing along to a cover version of Shimmy Shimmy Ya while making the Wu-Tang symbol with their hands needs counseling in the ways of Hip-Hop. Unfortunately I was standing too far back to get many decent photos, so below is all you'll get out of me.

The Roots

Other acts witnessed included Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Ozomatli, Missy Higgins and Ben Harper, all of whom were enjoyable enough while not really being my thing.

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