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Faker and Sparkadia team up for national tour, torch passing etc

Photo by Roger Sargent

Remember when Memphis Bleek kicked that awesome freestyle at the start of a Jay-Z album and it was like the passing of the torch, from the legend to the new kid on the block?

No? Ok.

Anyway, this upcoming tour, which sees over-loved Triple J rockers, Faker, team up with up-n-comers, Sparkadia, is kinda like the Australian indie pop-rock equivalent of this. "Memphis who?" I hear you say. Yeah, exactly.

Thursday, September 4: Prince Of Wales, Bunbury
Friday, September 5: Metro City, Perth
Saturday, September 6: Settlers Tavern, Margaret River
Friday, September 12: Forum Theatre, Melbourne
Saturday, September 13: Wrestpoint Showroom, Hobart
Sunday, September 14: HQ, Adelaide
Friday, September 19: Coolangatta Hotel, Gold Coast
Saturday, September 20: Enmore Theatre, Sydney

The Enmore Theatre show is also an all ages event. So prepare for the back alleys of Enmore and Newtown to be full of 16 year-olds getting totally fucked up on Passion Pop or highly-taxed alco-pops.

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Kasee Lara

Alco-pops: the word lives to spite me.

1 decade ago

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