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Further play their fourth show of the year this Thursday!


I don't think it's overreacting to say that it is a national tragedy that Sydney's Further don't play more shows. Their new album Tactics is damn close to being the best local release this year and their live show is pretty much the most orgasmic thing you can experience without dropping your pants and/or going down to the video store and renting out BOTH Con Air and True Lies.

Anyways.... in an attempt to dispel rumours that they have broken up the punk rockin' foursome will be performing their FOURTH show of the year THIS THURSDAY at Sydney Uni's Hermanns Bar, supporting Melbourne ass-kickers Black Level Embassy - who are in town this week promoting their new album ASP.

The night will also feature a performance from the magnificent entertainment machine that the world lovingly knows as Sir SPOD. Triple treats! Surely, this will be the greatest Thursday night of entertainment since that time Weezer and Jay-Z teamed up and performed the fantastic Black And Blue mash-up album in it's entirety.

AND Melbournites - you aren't missing out either! You can catch Further playing their FIRST MELBOURNE SHOW IN TWO YEARS (caps!) at The Birmingham Hotel in Fitzroy on Friday night (December 19) where they will once again be supporting Black Level Embassy.

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