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Laneway Festival 2008

The Laneway Festival is far and away the best festival this country offers. It's unique mix of good bands, a small crowd and strict enforcement of the 98% dickhead-free policy has made it an enjoyable day for the past three years. Although this year did seem a little more crowded than in previous years it was still a fine day with an endless barrage of awesome bands being served up.

This year was different from previous years because of this...

No, not my crotch. An artist pass.

It allowed me to escape the crowds when needed, avoid the drink queues and do blow with Feist.

I am still not exactly sure how it all happened by BUT Siamese Ginzz don't ask questions, they play bad DJ sets that get shut down by security for being too damn 'ruckus-like' (more on that later).

So.. the festival kicked off at around 11ish and the crowd rushed in..

The Basics kicked out a solid set...

...and then DEVESTATIONS brought some darkness to what had turned out to be a lovely sunny afternoon...

Their set was a little underwhelming, especially compared to how perfectly they felated me with their dooming sounds only a few weeks back.

The Reiby Place stage appears to be moving back further down the alleyway each year, making it harder and harder to get a decent vantage point. This was an ongoing problem for the most of the day, with my enjoyment of pretty much any band that I saw play on that stage slightly weakened by the fact I was about 1.6km back from the action.

Okkervil River delivered, as expected, a highly enjoyable forty minutes of music. Their performance of For Real was especially enjoyable.

The surprise package of the day was a band called Still Flyin'. Consisting of around 30 or so members, including the kids from Architecture In Helsinki, they filled the tiny stage, leaving only just enough room to play their assortment of odd instruments and bust out dance moves like nobody was watching.

The REAL highlight of the day was Dan 'mudda-phucking-bring-da-party' Deacon who, as his name suggests, 'brought the party'. I passed up getting orgasmed by the greatness of Broken Social Scene to visit the small Bulletin Place stage to see Deaks do his thing.

And I wasn't disapointed.

This guy's face kinda sums up the performance...

Strutting contests, crowd surfing, Asian man in the window raising 'da roof'. Deacon's set had it all.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were entertaining BUT I didn't feel completely connected to the emotional element of their songs. However, their endless stream of fantastic songs makes it hard not to enjoy seeming them live.

Bridezilla, ditched their pending homework (they're youngish - get it? ha?), played a solid set in The Basement...

We didn't bother catching The Panics because they make us feel unwell in the stomach. Just look at the smug phuckers...

They make me want to punch something. Hard. In the crotch region.

We caught some small snippets of Gotye's set. He ran around the stage like a bit of a crazy one-man-band, trying to do a little bit of everything. Much like the majority of his festival performances, he hit a few technical issues, but when it all came together it was friggin' amazing.

But then after the party there is the after party (R. Kelly propzz)...

...with funny wall posters...

... AND the debut performance from DJ 'crew' Siamese Ginzz (50% me and 50% Christian Talons)...

.. and kids raising the roof all over the place..

We met the old bass player from The Pharaohs when we played their track Keelhaul and he came and told us that he wrote that bassline. The band split up when he left to follow his DJ dreams and then he ends up opening for us (two DJ novices) who then just play his old band's songs. Ironic? Maybe not, but it's definitely something.

Then just as we had the crowd eating out of the palm of our little hands (Small Faces and Rick James back-to-back), with Canadians cutting sick moves all over the shoppe and random members of Broken Social Scene talking to us about how awesome Bit By Bats are - the whole thing hit a little bit of a snag.

The big tough security man approached us and kindly requested that we shut the music off. Obviously because Christian is in a punk band he felt the need to tell the security guard to 'turn it off himself'. A small exchange of words about who had the authority to cut the music followed and then, just moments before our faces got the impression of a toy cop's fist in them, the power went off. The crowd continued singing the words of The Strokes' New York City Cops for a minute or so before everyone was ushered out of the building.

And the lovely Laneway Festival was over for another year.

Thanks to Gem for some of the photos above.



Sean's recap of the day - as well as the detailed reviews of the performances of Stars, Broken Social Scene and Feist.

Other reviews of the day at Decomposing Trees and Oceans Never Listen.

Great photos from the day by Daniel Boud.

Our forum thread.

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