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Mike Skinner to release new songs via Twitter

The Streets

Remember a few weeks back when we re-wrote Internet history with our Twitter interview of The Grates?

Well, it no seems like The Rest Of The World is finally catching on to the 'benefits' of 'utilising' online 'technology' with news floating into our world this morning (via Patchforkz) that Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) will be releasing THREE new songs this week via his Twitter.

In a recent 'tweet' (it's kinda like a blog post) Skinner said:

I am going to tweet 3 new songs this week. I can't be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time.

Oh... snap. Take that music 'industry'. This is just like the time Trent Reznor paid $14 million for In Rainbows.

The first song, I Love My Phone, is now up and it sounds exactly like you would expect a song about a phone given away for FREE to sound like.

Although unconfirmed at this stage, word is that the other two songs will be equally as sucky average and only continue to fuel rumours that all of Skinner's talent can be found in his first two records.

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