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Raekwon to release two new albums in 2010

A few weeks ago Raekwon hinted via his Twitter that he was gonna drop some "big announcement" on January 1. In typical Raekwon "damn I got fucked up on New Years" fashion he forgot to drop the bombshell. A few days later he caught up with himself and revealed that he was gonna be pumping out TWO new records this year:

O I forgot my announcement on jan 1st to give yall so ima tell ya now! "I WILL BE DROPPIN 2 ALBUMS THIS YEAR!" Rt this crack....

Rae hasn't yet stipulated whether or not these two releases will include a new solo record, a new Wu-Tang album or a four-disc boxset featuring The Chef freestyling over the top of classic tracks by Van She Tech, CSS and Carlos El Herpes. However, I think we can safely assume that the first of the releases he is referring to is the long overdue collaboration with fellow Wu-Tangers Method Man and Ghostface, which is currently scheduled to drop on February 9.

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