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Sorry, we forgot to tell you about who won the SMAC Awards and the J Award

Dappled Cities Fly
The sickening taste of victory.

Apologies loyal web viewing cute 'thang' for not getting on this sooner. We aren't hip anymore are we? We aren't your number one source of music news now, right? We never were? Ok, then. All is still goods in the troublesome neighbourhoods then.

So... ok then, let's play a little bit of catch-up.

Firstly, the inaugural SMACS (Sydney Music, Arts and Culture Awards) were handed out last week.

The winners:

SMAC Of The Year - Fergus Linehan
Remix the City - Biennale at Cockatoo Island
SMAC in Your Face - Raise The Bar
Best Music Event - Sydney Festival Becks Bar/Spiegeltent
Best Music Performance - Dappled Cities Fly
Record of the Year - The Presets Apocalypso
Best Music Newcomer - Cloud Control
Best Arts Newcomer - Greedy Hen
Best Arts Event - Underbelly
Best Visual Artist - Kill Pixie
Best Actor / Performer - Brendan Cowell
Best Arts Newcomer - Greedy Hen

Somehow SPOD missed out on the Best Music Performance award ahead of the lovely (although not that BIG in '08) Dappled kids. Not really hatin' BUT yeah this was kinda The Year Of Da SPODster, right?

It was nice to see visual artist Greedy Hen get some recognition. Sure, we would have preferred our loving pals We Buy Your Kids get the award, but the Hen ladies were definitely our second choice. Nice nice nice.

Time Out (who were one of the major sponsors of the event, along with FBi) have a great detailed breakdown of all the winners and their achievements.

Here are a whole bunch more photos from the night. Winners, grinners and SPOD totally rocking it like it's nobodies biz-ness.

In other 'award news' the J Award was handed out sometime over the past week AND whoa.. (I mean... yeah, holy shit whoa!) one of our faves Ohana took out the prize!!!!!

Whoa.. I was surely thinking Grates, maybe Presets (again!), BUT daaaaaaamn Wollongong represent yeh! Throw yer W's up - or whatever it is that you do down there.

PS: Thanks Lane Train, really made my day year.

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Dappled Cities Fly
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SPOD should have won. Not biased, not "hatin'", just true facts. SPOD is the greatest human being on the planet and I want everyone to know.
Also cause he lets me dress up as a ghost and throw streamers at people.

I'm pretty sure Greedy Hen and We Buy Your Kids were in different categories, so they both should have won! Such a talented bunch.

1 decade ago


The Presets won the J Award

I still think Ohana are yet to record their greatest album. But it will come.

1 decade ago


great ghost Bella...

1 decade ago


haha geek ghost! glasses on the outside! I'm dressing up as a ghost for the brag xmas party too, but I'll be wearing a top hat this time...

1 decade ago


rock the casper!

1 decade ago


rock the casper was the greatest joke we ever made!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

just to clear this up - apparently we buy your kids and greedy hen weren't in the same category.. kill pixie won the category that WBYK were nominated in.. sorry for the confusion

1 decade ago


That's it, I'm cancelling my subscription...

1 decade ago

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