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SPOD is gonna make you sweat

Partying takes its toll. Just ask Keith's Richard, Lindsay Loan Scams and/or Michael 'get your hand off it' Jackson. Party times can sometimes equal death times.

But it's not all doom, gloom and random booms and some folks have worked out the perfect balance between being an absolute mental party animal and also living a healthy lifestyle. The people/person I refer to is the one and only Capt SPOD.

SPOD (aka Spoddy The Incredible) recently kicked off a brand new little game/activity/promo/blog called Fantasyze With SPOD. The idea is that, before he commences work on his new album in September, he is going to get himself into shape, following a strict(ish) exercise regime AND is going to create dope-ass party tunes to accompany all the 'fitness-ing'.

Da man himself explains it a little better...

Starting on Monday, the 27th of July, i'm going to start uploading SPODs FANTASYZE JAMS!!! 1 for each week, as each week the program changes it's times and goals and i'll program music to go with your running regime. You run 3 times a week, with a day in between each run. Whatever day is good, but i'm going to run Monday, Wednesday & Fridays (or Saturdays if the Friday party steals my will to run), so feel free to run with me. Jazzy.

Inside sources (friends of friends who once high fived 'the man') have stated that the songs are going to neatly match the fitness program that SPOD has been recommended. So, when Spoddles (and you, if you choose to play along at home) has to do a 40 second sprint then there will be a quick little party song that helps you/him get through it. Similarly, when there is a BIG 30 minute jog 'sess' planned there will a crazy half hour slammer that you will be able to crank in your 'pod'.

Our close/personal source also added that the music that SPOD is going to create within this program is more than likely going to be 'fucking nuts'. Follow all the action, music and mayhem over at the official Fantasyze With SPOD blooog.

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so awesome...

can't wait to exercise with spod...

1 decade ago


this is probably the most exciting thing to ever happen. I've been looking for some good music to 'get my jog on' when I'm running late for work. andrew w.k's "party hard" on repeat ten times only gets you so far (town hall.)

1 decade ago


If you have ever heard the American guy who does the cool runnigs c25k it is the best news ever x100000.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

Teaser video!!!


1 decade ago



1 decade ago

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