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Polaroids Of Androids


Tonight in Sydney: Polaroids Of Goodroids #2, featuring Coolies, Beautiful and The Warm Feelings

"Party like yesterday was your funeral" - Rivers Cuomo. Sure, Rivers. What you lack in orginal ideas (post-1997) you make for with occasional perls of wisdom.

Much like how Mr Rivers now struggles with the concept of irony, we know and understand that you're currently struggling against the gigantic Seven Day Public Holiday Bender Mountain you're attempting to abseil down. BUT, please stop your crying and swap those hiking boots for party shoes. "If you never stop, you'll never come down" - Ray Martin. Much like your unshakeable hair, that's some Rock Solid thinkin', Ray.

So... tonight... let's do this...

And.. if those names don't blow your Goolies off and, maybe you were looking for a bit more High Street Fashion, there's also this...

(Rough) playing times....

8.00pm - doors
8.30pm - The Warm Feelings
9.30pm - Beautiful
10.30pm - Coolies

There's a Facebook event as well (for those that like that sort of thing).

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The Warm Feelings


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