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Polaroids Of Androids


On My Own (90210 Mix)

Lol Queen sez — "this years best album just got a little bit better". Settle down princess. But also, maybe. As, much like anything even remotely affiliated with Tori "Four Kids and Lookin OK" Spelling, this is a juicy little snip of cosmetic alternation. Metaphorically. And "sexy" even, as Ayria Morte articulates so precisely.

This edit of album track On My Own, is the bonus addition on the vinyl version of Cathy's ARIA awarding winning album, The Warmest Place. To celebrate Double C will be playing a rare-ish show this Saturday at Good God, with assistance from Model Citizen and Four Door. Ticket info over here.

* Photo stolen from Dark Modds, official Catcall press agent.

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