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Polaroids Of Androids


Satellites (Forces Remix)

Catcall's final note in her twelve predictions for 2012 was: "Catcall is either gonna be bigger than Kylie Minogue or smaller than ya Dad's band that plays at the Cat and Fiddle on Wednesday nights a couple of times a year". a) Kylie relies fairly heavily on spandex and the support of Craig McLaunchlan these days/forever and; b) there's no live music at the Cat and Fiddle on Wednesday's anymore, that's Cheap Taco night. And, of course, the Catcall Express is also gaining momentum, fueled by a highly praised support slot for CSS earlier in the month, her first full band headline show next week and a bunch of awesome remixes of feel-damn-good jam Satellites popping up here, there and anywhere.

Here's our personal favourite, featuring Melbourne duo Forces, sucking all the Feel and the Good out of the song like a survivalist going HAM on a deadly snake bite. Not the cocktail of the same name, but that scenario is also more than suitable. This is deep-in-the-trenches 3am 1980's pop darkness. Heaps of gin, hold the tonic, cancel the plans to move to The Islands for the summer. The spirited Sunset Freedom of the original is still there, it's just suffocated, whimpering in an attempt to convince itself that This Summer will last forever, when we all know that's far from the Reality.

You can also download a FREE mp3 of the track above over on the Ivy League Facebook Page for the cost of a 'like'.

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