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Breed (Early Smart Studios Demo)

How's your Nirvana Week going mate/s? Arguing with your mates about why In Utero (The Albini Sessions Version) is at least five times better than the Sub Pop demo cassette version of Love Buzz? Strutting around town causing some serious Fashion Crimes? Wacking off to some sweet Courtney Love over-dosing-in-a-bath-tub pics? Sneaking a sly little perv on these SFW pics of Kurdt's daughter Franky Beans now that she's all grown up 'n legal? Damn, you're really making the most of it aren't ya matey?

Well, no better way to top it all off than with this unreleased demo version of Breed, which will be included as part of that mammoth multi-format Nevermind 20th Anniversary Deluxe Boxset which is due out next week.

And here's some footage of Grohly and the boys performing Breed from the Live At Paramount concert film....

You can also catch the first public screening of Live At Paramount this Friday, as part of a special "one night only" simulcast at about 40,000 cinemas around Australia. Check the Cinema Live website for full screening details and ticket offers, including deluxe edition CD bundle packages.

AND, if (somehow) all that wasn't enough, we've also got a handful of special Nevermind 20th Anniversary t-shirts (see below) to giveaway to some lucky legends. Show your style. Show your age. Show your age in style. Enter the competition over on our Facebook page.

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