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Polaroids Of Androids


Couple Of Drinks

A few months back I was sitting in some bowling club/day spa shooting the colloquial turd with old mate Spud. Between schooners/manicures, he mentioned his upcoming musical adventures and how they could/would/should intersect with his current life plan of hurdling over middle-aged depressions like Sally Pearson effortlessly jumping over Nanna's at a Gold Coast Woolworths. Being similar in age, oak-barrel density and bitter/nonchalant outlook, I was obviously pleased with the fact one of my Favourites was pissing on the wall of his youthful tom-foolery and neatly writing over it with tales of quiet nights in, Sex and the City marathons and a detailed how-to guide on chasing away senile palliative care with the loving assistance of a reasonable amount of mid-strength beers with your best friends. Nothing at all suspect (except maybe those Sov Rings on the single cover).

Couple Of Drinks is available today via iTunes.

You can catch The Captain launching the single tomorrow evening (Saturday) at the Brighton Up Bar in Sydney, with assistance from Through The Forest Door (Luke Laurels) and DJ Conrad Greenleaf from Richard In Your Tech Mind spinning classic Australian songs all evening on the stereo (play Horses ya cunt). Tickets are ten bucks over here and maybe a bit more on the door.

All those attending will also get a special little treat/bribe upon arrival...

...AND a three-track digi EP. And if you're super early you might even look inside that SPOD Brew stubby holder and see a beer smiling back at you.

Don't cry, Melbourne and Brisbane, you're OK too! Sorry/suck it Canberra.

November 17: The Beatle Bar, Brisbane w/ Undead Apes
December 6: The Gaso Upstairs, Melbourne w/ High Tension

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