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Polaroids Of Androids


The Drones
How To See Through Fog

Gareth Liddiard has always, seemingly, revelled in this type of contrast. Here, whilst his tone only slightly shifts, he migrates this song from gruff shuffles, an introspective, diary-entry focus and stark drudgy keys to a more commanding position, spitting out disgust and speaking in indirect, large-scale generalisations. "They only ever treat you well, when you're walking on an eggshell". Fucking hell, we missed you guys.

* Excuse the poor audio quality, a radio rip is all that's available at this stage.

How To See Through Fog, officially available early February, is the first single from The Drones' sixth (studio) record, I See Seaweed, which will be released on March 1 via ATP Recordings.

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The Drones


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Awesome, new Drones! Bring on ATP.

8 years ago

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