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Polaroids Of Androids


The Laurels
Changing The Timeline

Like running a knife up the spine of your top one Lovebird and then gutting the wench like a Dirty Carp. Or just pretending to, and then telling Everyone you did later at the pub over a some pints of Tooheys Old and a coupla tabs of old mate Sid. Flinchey (I think his real name is Roger) is there, blinking his bloody eyes in time with the annoyingly non-psychedelic music that pumps from the audible corner device, pulsating his little peepers like an end-of-tranmission SBS stopgap and/or a television with magnets strapped to the side of it's brain.

There's an uneasiness on Changing The Timeline, balancing right on an edge between a pleasant little evening tripping balls and an orgy of self-destructive chaos. Gritted teeth and completely unfocused attention spans, this homage to Facebook's recent decision to force us to merge our real lives with our fake online personas, is nicely articulated by visual artist, SPOD "Spodify" Grif Grif.

Changing The Timeline is the first single from The Laurels' looooooong overdue debut album Plains ("are you the laziest cunts in Sydney?"), which is due out on July 13 via local powerhouse Rice Is Nice.

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The Laurels


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