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Polaroids Of Androids


The Mountain Goats
Psalms 40: 2

I don't know about you fellas/ladies but I have always thought John Darnielle sounds his best when he is singing through gritted teeth, randomly erupting into pain-stricken wails and shredding his fingers on his acoustic guitar until they are barely usable for high fivin' and other daily bro thangs. Da real shit.

This song is from The Mountain Goats' forthcoming record The Life Of The World To Come. The album is a bit of an old fashioned 'theme out' [1] with the band diving head first into the dangerous world of religion, naming every track after a biblical verse. Darnielle has described the purpose behind this not to 'spread the good word' but rather to document "12 hard lessions that the Bible taught [him]". I suppose the gigantic Hillsong sales had nothing to do with ay JD? Ka-chingos [2].

The Life Of The World To Come is out on October 2.

1. The phrase 'concept record' is more played out than Air Jordans. For real.
2. Mexican Christian dollars.

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The Mountain Goats


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