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Handsome Furs
Face Control

The new effort from Dan Boeckner and wife Alexei Perry under the Handsome Furs moniker sees the duo delving more heavily into the electronic realm than they did previously on Plague Park. This shift has lead to a progression in the mood of the record. Many of Plague Park's themes centered around the premise of negative effects of the use of technology and the acoustics of the record logically followed by feeling more organic and natural in co-existence with these themes.

In contrast, Face Control takes a much more powerfully electrified path with the majority of the sounds created taking on distinctly machine generated characteristics. The subject matter of the record this time around is inspired by the group's travels through Russia, and the mechanical undertones may well be explained by the industrial remnants of the soviet era that can still be found there.

Highlights such as Talking Hotel Arbat Blues and Nyet Spasiba wonderfully merge the synthesized sounds created by Perry with the unique attributes inherent in Boeckner's vocals. At other times however, the backing track can begin to wander into repetitive territory, and it's hard to argue that the constant usage of synthesized handclaps is justified in all it's instances. That said, most of the time the coupling of effects-light guitar and a solid backing beat make for an enjoyable listen with plenty of re-playability.

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Handsome Furs


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Pretty much agree with rating and review. It's definitely a more upbeat and fun record then Plague Park, but it lacks some of the gravitas of that outstanding album. I do love it though, it has a special energy that is undenaibly fun.

1 decade ago

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