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Polaroids Of Androids

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At the orgasmic, gooey epicentre of this record there is a three minute epic entitled Time Maggots Eating The Flesh Of Destiny. It's the kind of song that rips out your soul and then flosses it's teeth with your soul's soul. It is unashamed fuzzy lo-fi white boy rap and immediately after it's abrupt head first dive into an electronic feedback finale it begs to be replayed.

But Time Maggots is far from being the solitary album highlight as the SPOD-ster splits his time between delivering slaughtered Nintendo-based instrumentals, tongue twisting bedroom MC-ing and off-centre pop, mixing together all facets of his musical personality into a giant tub of lovely homemade tunes.

SPOD's unique ability to blend the many sides of his style - the sexy alter-ego, the tongue-in-cheek rapper and the cheesy poptronica maestro - into different formats is primarily what makes Superfrenz such an enjoyable listen. Whether it's the highly addictive chorus of Dead, the g-funk inspired instrumental brilliance of Blubberponies or the electronic party punk style of Nitefallz it all fits into the overall formula of the album without any of the songs sounding too much alike.

While there aren't too many overly serious moments on this album, the focus of FUN doesn't overshadow the quality of the work. Luckily for all involved SPOD avoids falling into 'comedy hip-hop' territory and even with the absence of any obvious heartfelt moments there is still an undeniable connection between him, his musical output and those nodding their heads to his infectious Casio-led beats through the distinct homemade feel of the record.

This album is a highly consistent, cohesive slice of bastard pop, yet still maintains SPOD's signature 'anything goes' approach. Although his recorded material still doesn't exist in the same realm as his jaw-dropping live show, Superfrenz has definitely closed the gap between the two.

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I heart spod... this album rocks... and made even better by seeing spod live

1 decade ago

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