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The Drones
I See Seaweed

A while back, I introduced my Irish-born, London-based friend Jude to The Drones for the first time.

March 8 / 22:12 / James
As you are going to father an Australian child, I feel you need to be familiar with this band/album! x http://open.spotify.com/album/41uUEhLnPAriHE4jZalkEq

22:47 / Jude
This is genuinely gnarly and terrifying. Not ideal music for busting out a few legal advices but still very hashtag confronting and pretty amazing. Hold tight Australian experimental gnarl noise crew. When I was in New York last year I saw this amazing Australian fellow called Kirin J Callinan playing in Brooklyn. It was somewhere on the verge between unwatchable and unbeatable and also very amusing but then I have a well-renowned love of the australian cultural curio xxxx

22:49 / Jude
Never have the free spotify ads been less well-judged or more annoying xxxx

23:23 / Jude
"They'll kill you" is pretty incredible.

Hope you are enjoying my live blog of this album. I have had to stop on "They'll kill you" and go back and re-listen a few times. I hope this shit is scrobbling on my last fm. I am very obsessed and punctilious about that xxxx. If it helps because of accent similarities I imagine in my head that the lead singer is actually [a] popular larrikin, "Rake".

23:48 / Jude
Hmm tracks four to six sort of chugged a bit for me. Opening bars of "Laika" already more promising xxxx

00:33 / Jude
Last track absolutely incredible making me weep and punch the air solennly. Overall I think this is the sort of album that Andy Bratha Braithwaite would have on vinyl and I think I might chip it out that way myself really going nuts acutally about it thank you for bringing this into my life xxx

00:35 / Jude
Who cares they put a Nazi for the pope indeed. Very portentous social commentary I hear you gnarly noise priest preach to me xxxx

01:15 / Jude
Weeping to buy the vinyl in the UK would be like 35 quids that is just absurd down with you and your preposterously successful economy xxxx

March 11 / 16:50 / James
Ahh dammit, I composed an enormous reply message this morning, but it seems to have been lost somewhere?

I loved your live album blog! And I love that you got something out of the record!

Kirin J Callinan is pretty amazing. In a former life, he was a cross-dressing guitarist in super-hip Sydney band, Mercy Arms... I'm not sure what his own stuff is all about, or what I think about it — but it's pretty ferocious and powerful. It almost feels like a dream sequence.

Also, favourite line in the last track: "Who cares about fakes like anarchists, man they never want to dance." I think I feel similarly to you regarding track listings on the Drones record — except I thought track 4, A Moat You Can Stand In, was probably my fav track?

I'm biased though, as it reminds me of Sharkfin Blues, the first track of theirs that I really loved from back in the day.

Here's a link to them playing it live at the Metro a few years back. I'm pretty sure I was there! x

March 12 / 22:41 / Jude
Ha ha I didn't just get something out of it James underscore Ross Edwards I have been going absolutely doolalley prosleyatising about this album all weekend telling anyone who will listen to me how amazing it is. One Australian was like, "Really? Didn't think that was your scene" and I was like "it is my scene I am going nuts" because in reality I have been hammering it pretty solidly.

You're so right about the anarchists not dancing line. That is one of my favourites. When he gets onto the "they never want to daaaaa-aaaaance" it is real spine tingling stuff. He has an amazing wrath-filled rant of a rasp on certain lines that catches you off guard and overwhelms. At othr times he is so yearning and wistful. They are clearly very talented and this is the first guitar album I have solidly listened to in a long long time.

My faves after countless listens are (a) Why write a letter, (2) They'll kill you, (3) I see seaweed. I particularly love it when the female bass player gets involved with more singing ("staaaaaay with me"). I'm not sure I can get behind the Mot you can stand in as it seems just a bit too unironic punk for me but I am trying.

I haven't listened to Kirin J since that gig but I remember finding him utterly compelling, especially when he whipped off his wife-beater and stood there sweating all over a bemused Brooklyn crowd and started talking about how he likes to use his special Kirin J Callinan towel when he is exercising in his "home gym". He then broke his guitar, borrowed a guitar off one of the support bands and then broke it too because he was bending the sounds all over the place. It was oddly melodic underneath it all but mostly I loved his "don't give all that much of a fuck" approach to the Brooklyn hipster shoulder shrug that was so immense everyone started to really get behind him. The dude out of stereogum was there at the gig and he was flipping out going nuts for big Kirin J too.

It must be nice having an actual music scene that you love and feel really proud of. I would like to have gone to that gig too. I suppose that is sort of how I feel about the UK grime scene. xxxxxxx

23:07 / Jude
Impossible not to sing along at 2:40 of "Why write a letter" when the bassist goes "Why won't you..." and the dude goes "STAAAAAAAAAAY WITH ME".

March 15 / 12:27 / James
"I took a strangely disembodied walk down memory lane." — 200 listens and I still didn't get that it was about Google Streetview! Had to be pointed out to me the other day...

18:38 / Jude
God some people are so literal.

That never occurred to me either, I just enjoyed his dramatic diction on that line.

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The Drones


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