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Wu-Tang Vs The Beatles
Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers

And the people did in one voice declare, "The Wu Tang Clan and Beatles together at last! Wait. Seriously? Are you serious right now? And if not, where do I get the crack you're smoking?"

Yeah. Beatles and Wu Tang on the same album. It happened. It's out there. And the worst thing about it?

It's actually really good.

Sure, hardcore Beatles enthusiasts will have a freaking heart attack. For anyone whose heart swells at the simple orchestration of the Paul McCartney solo that is Yesterday, it's probably homicidal-rage-inducing to hear it twisted to Alvin & The Chipmunks pitch on the track Criminology, reminiscent of the way 'his egoness' Kanye West pitches up old samples on his tracks (or at least the way he used to before he disappeared down the dark pit that is auto-tune).

Still, Tom Caruana's beats are solid from beginning to end, and the instrumentation is expertly calibrated to get the most out of the samples without being too gratuitous. And how good are the samples? The track Clientele Kidd adds a ragga tip to the Live And Let Die, the Come Together sample on Method Man's Release Yo Delf is sweet, and there are dozens of others to choose from and enjoy. Bear in mind, though - most of the samples are pulled from covers of Beatles' songs, meaning the samples are twice recycled - very few are pulled from the originals themselves, but thankfully this doesn't affect enjoyment too much.

What is absolutely cool about the album is the way it cleverly works in spoken word samples from Beatles interviews and statements in the press, Wu-Tang spoken word samples, and even a snippet or two from an old school Avengers cartoon on the track Mighty Healthy. And let's face it... hearing ODB wail the lyrics to Love Me Do in the Wu Tang Vs The Beatles skit is downright hilarious.

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