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Polaroids Of Androids


Polaroids of Androids is a musical website, but not in the sense that it makes noises. Not audible ones anyway. It has an email account by the name of [email protected], and it particularly likes to hear from people, especially those with things to say.

The name comes from an amalgam of some of our inspirations: Polaroids is a reference to Dave McCormack's latest band, you know the guy who used to be in Custard. It's not a reference to anything else but that. Androids is a reference to a really good Radiohead song, called 'Knives Out'. It is also a reference to a character in a Douglas Adam's book, his name is Dirk Gently. The of in the middle makes it slightly more grammatically correct as a title, although not by much.

The site caters to those interested in music news and goings on of the Australian and primarly Sydney music scene, although does not exclude any other regions, except of course for Kangaroo Island which goes without saying really.

There is also a team of angry midgets and 'live guys' that help out, but none of them get paid enough to warrant being mentioned here.