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About a Million Words: Cloud Nothings

By now, my dear Loyal Reader/Lurker, you know the drill. And you know which drill bit we're using. It's the one clearly labelled "Visual Stimulation". It's got that little screw on the end of it. Similar to a Philly Head by the looks of it. And we're gonna use it to connect Everything to those several bits of two-by-four over there. The ones labeled "words".

It's a mild Toronto night when I meet up with Cloud Nothings' brainchild Dylan Baldi (and I mean child, the dude's 19). We meet at the Horseshoe Tavern where Cloud Nothings are playing a show that night on their first headlining tour...

How does it feel to be headlining your first tour?

It's been cool. It's been fun.

Obviously you're the main songwriter behind the band, but would you call Cloud Nothings a band now or is it still your solo thing?

For now it's still the solo thing, I guess, but it's a band in the sense that there're three or four guys and we're touring around all the time and we haven't been home in like months, so it's a band in that sense. But when it comes to actually song writing and recording it's usually just me, so it's a solo project. So it's a little bit of both.

How long have you and your touring band been playing together?

About a year-and-a-half. We have had about a week off every month or so, so it's been super hectic.

You have an uncanny ability to write great melodies and hooks.


No problems.

Obviously, this latest album [Cloud Nothings] was influenced by late 80s punk and pop punk — do you think you'll ever go on to apply those same pop songwriting skills to different genres of music? Or are you pretty happy with where you are now?

I'm already recording stuff for the next record and it's a lot more complex, honestly, because that's what I've been getting into lately. It's not all straight forward, all four/four straight up punk songs. The next album is definitely going to be a lot more complex, still melodic and hopefully catchy, but with a bit more going on.

You're heading back to Ohio in the next couple of days, do you have a big home crowd following?

(Laughs) No. I mean, we obviously played our first show ever in New York [upon invitation from Woods] so it wasn't like we're an Ohio band. We're kind of like an internet band at this point. So if we just played shows on the internet we would do really well. But as we are we play shows all over, so a few people here and there that know about us.

Did you play live at all before that first New York gig when Woods asked you to come out and play?

No, almost never. One or two shows with bands that weren't even real bands.

You're from Ohio and, fuck, that place has been the home to some awesome acts, particularly in the last few years.


Do you have any in particular Ohio artists?

Yeah, there is this band called the Electric Eels, they were a punk band in like the 70s, late eighties. They were really, really fantastic. Guided By Voices, obviously, Pere Ubu, Times New Viking if you're going into newer stuff.

You're signed to Inertia, any plans to tour to Oz later in the year?

We're probably going to try and get there in November.

What's the plan up until then?

We're gonna record an album over the summer and possibly another EP filler thing that will either come out before or after the album.

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I am glad this band is being talked about, and I'm glader that they will tour.

1 decade ago

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