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Bachelor Of Arts + Ohana + Ghosts Of Television @ Hopetoun Hotel

For a while attending a Ghosts Of Television show was a little bit of a gamble. Sometimes they nailed it, sometimes it just didn't quite come together correctly. It was a bit like when you were 19 and you used to go to the local discotheque with twenty dollars in your pocket and your heart full of youthful devilish feelings. Sometimes you were able to get crunked out, pash an ugly girl and wake up without a hangover. While on other occasions the same night would find you getting knocked out by your friend's pregnant girlfriend, making out with a diseased hooker and waking up in a pile of what you hoped was your own vomit.

Lately, however, Ghosts Of Television's success rate has dramatically improved and your teenage mistakes have been coming back to haunt you less and less.

Their opening set last Sunday night saw the band come mighty close to stealing the show. The performance gradually built in veracity, before violently climaxing in a flurry of broken microphones and yelping guitars with a fantastically chaotic rendition of their career highlight Buzzrds.

Ohana played the role of processed chicken in the evening's tasty sandwich, putting on an impressive set as expected. They mostly played songs from their upcoming Dead Beat record which many insiders are tipping to be THE GREATEST RECORD EVER RELEASED FROM A WOLLONGONG BAND EVER. Eat shit Tumbleweed.

We have already told you about ten thousand or so times how friggin' awesome this band is live so if you don't get it by now.. you will never never never know me get it (1).

Sometime around the middle of the show I met POA contributor Ivan for the first time AND was complimented by Jake Stone (from Bluejuice) over my incredibly awesome Wu-Tang t-shirt. It was the second best hour of my life after the time I got drunk on twenty dollars and made out with a Hep-B hooker. I was only 19 (2).

Bachelor Of Arts were the main event for the evening and their set was the kind of tight, well-delivered musical performance you would expect from a band that calls Melbourne home. Their set was only slightly tarnished by their lack of witty comebacks to the abuse and ice cubes (3) from the bartender when they said they were going to finish up. Barnesy jokes were cool in 1998. It's all about Cougar Mellon Camp jokes now. Duh.

A triple serving of lovely bands who also put on mighty impressive musical performances. Eight dollars well spent. Seven thumbs up.

1. Simply (fucking) Red. Greatest. Band. Ever.
2. From When I Was Only 19 by The Herd. Used without permission.
3. Frozen water. Not the superstar actor, gangsta rapper and loving father.

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