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Battles + My Disco @ Gaelic Theatre

This review would have been completed about 20 hours ago if I didn't spend the better part of today re-assembling my head after Battles exploded it last night. There were fragments scattered all over Sydney, and mainly because I have a large down-syndrome like cranium, it took me a long time to put it all together.

Lame intros about my own disfigured appearance aside - Battles' performed an extremely awesome show last night.

The early birds were treated to a rare long-ish set (ie. more than 30 minutes) from Melbourne's minimal masters - My Disco. They lost me a little bit in the middle with some slower moments and pauses between songs but won me back as I knew they would. Their tightness is exceptional.

Battles' performance was almost flawless. The multi-layered sounds that are all over their fantastic Mirrored album were performed unbelievably accurately - mostly due to the fact that all four members of the band were at least playing two instruments at any given moment. Their jaw-dropping, awesome talent and unbelievable band unison made my insides do backflips of joy.

Even the crowded venue - and it's continually flat sound - wasn't enough to ruin my enjoyment of their performance. Atlas and Tonto were definite highlights - but throughout their hour long set there was hardly a moment that wasn't commanding my full attention.

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