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Deerhunter @ Annandale Hotel

Warning/Disclaimer: Those people who are offended by the C-word (or it's more humerous cousin - the K-word) should probably just tune out now. Thanks in advance.

In order for the context of this review to make sense, I feel it is necessary to give some background of the day leading up to show.

5:20am - While walking home from an all night radio shift I am robbed by some punk street kid/cunt. He takes $50 from my wallet (I convinced him to give the actual cards back) and my iPhone.

5:30am - Police Station. Reporting crime, getting DNA 'swabbed' and (almost) falling asleep while the long arm of Da Law attempts to deliver some epic Justice. Should be at home sleeping and getting myself ready for the Deerhunter show.

7:15am - Get home. 'Wife' is frantic about my disappearance. I call the phone company to cancel my account. They tell me the system is down and therefore they can't do it. I try and login 'online' but the website is borking out on some sort of 1996 'what is the internet' kind of cunting shit. Hulk-style rage.

8:40am - Trek off to the suburban phone shop to cancel my account and see if I can claim to back on insurance. Train is 10 minutes late.

9:20am - Get to the phone shop. The kids working there (after they stopped playing computer games on their phones) tell me that they can't access my account, help with my insurance claim or doing anything else that is remotely useful. I swear very loudly. They look at me like I am heroin addict. Understandable, I guess, considering the red bags under my eyes and my apparent 'come down' rage. One of the 'kids' is able to suspend my account so that the cunt who stole my phone can stop making the countless 1800-REACH-AROUND phone calls he has been charging to my account for the past four hours.

10:00am - Another train delay and back home. Called the phone company again to try and process the insurance claim. Their system is still down/fucked. I then find my original phone contract and discover I don't have insurance. I collapse under the weight of excessive fatigue/anger.

By the time I woke up from my 'hate nap' I had just enough time to watch a couple of terrible comedy movies and heat up some two day old pizza before heading down to the Jagerdale. My mood hadn't really improved. I still didn't have my phone back and now was faced with the dark reality of buying out the rest of my contract before I can get a new one.

Attending a sold out show at the Annandale wasn't exactly what I wanted to do with my evening. Deerhunter were definitely going to have their work cut for them.

Photo by Sean Reminder.

I was still relaying my sad story to friends and/or anyone that would listen when the second support act, Traps, were playing. In the past I have been somewhat critical of Trap's sound, but from the random moments I watched I was impressed by our much more life their songs seem to have taken on.

Deerhunter took to the stage and immediately set about 'fixing up my day'. Everything was epic. Even from my old man position at the very back of the hotel I was completely sucked into their world. Although this could have been expected from 'larger than life' songs like Nothing Ever Happened (the undeniable highlight of their set), I was surprised that this epic-ness also flowed on to the poppier songs like Never Stops.

What stolen phone?

Seeing as this was the group's second Sydney show, they also took the opportunity to please the die hard fans (not like that) by calling out for requests. This led to the group playing N. Animals, the opening track from their debut record, which sounded absolutely brilliant.

The second half of their performance wasn't nearly as enjoyable. This was mainly because of the start/stop nature, with Bradford Cox continually getting lost in his own banter, which, although initially a humerous way of breaking up the overflowing of sound, started to become a bit tiresome after a while.

They did make up for this mild shortcoming with a fairly gut-busting encore, playing Microcastle, followed by the giant-sized theatrics of Twilight At Carbon Lake. A great way to wrap it all up.

While hardly faultless from start-to-finish, Deerhunter not only lived up to my crazy high expectations but also made me completely forget about Cunt Day 2009 for a few hours. Thanks lads.

Set List (via Sean Reminder)

Never Stops
Backspace Century
Like New
Hazel St.
Nothing Ever Happened
Game Of Diamonds
Lake Somerset
N. Animals
Spring Hall Convert
Disappearing Ink
Saved By Old Times
Cover Me (Slowly)
Twilight At Carbon Lake

There is also a fairly good quality recording of the show up Sydney Live Tumblr.

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Doug Free

If I had a day like that, I would the "cunt" word all week.

not happy I missed this

1 decade ago


Sorry for being one of those people who asked you all about your cunting incident.

And that Sean fellow sure takes shitty photos.

1 decade ago


Nice review. I went to the second Melbourne show and it sounds similiar to this one - antics, Cox and his endless banter, requests. Totally good times.

1 decade ago


jonny!! I knew your phone was stolen but when you told me at the annandale, I didnt fully comprehend that you'd had that sort of cunty day. major balls.

deerhunter WERE amazing though. wowser.

1 decade ago


the new Atlas Sound feat Noah Lennox streaming on Pitchfork is seriously sweeeeeeeeeeet

1 decade ago

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