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Gig Review: Rice Is Nice Party @ Annandale Hotel

Long before he became a frequent Information Highway pullover point (and occasional rampant mass-murderer) Fredrick Durk famously coined the phrase "some days you just don't wanna wake up". True that G-ood Sir. But last Sunday wasn't one of those days. And even without the delicious muesli I'd penciled into my morning itinerary this day would have been a tad special. For it featured an afternoon. And if that wasn't special enough, this afternoon was hosting a little get-together, which included the highly blugged about and one of the most overly-anticipated events since the birth of post-lunch activities (circa 1976) — The First Annual Rice Is Nice Showoff Party (2012). A showcase of all 160 (approx) decent and fantastic bands signed to the label, all playing in one little venue. On one day. With one set of pants shared by all.

Mr Jordan "Michael" Lane was the first to pull on the common pants, trekking them down a shady looking lane, accompanied by his musical project of a similar name.

4:00pm - Shady Lane
Good pal and keen vegetarian burger consumer, Ronald, claimed later in the day that Shady Lane were fantastic and it "really made sense". He/she then referencing my (slightly) negative review of the Shady Lane record and how I probably would have changed my opinion seeing it all happen in the flesh. Damn. After all, I'd aimed to get to the show in time to see him/them play, in an attempt to try and "figure out" whether or not my initial labelling of it as a selfish, purposefully difficult music project was justified. Unfortunately, my morning soccer match went into overtime (read: someone forgot to bring the post-match beers and we had to wait for someone else to go and get some). On the upside, we trounced the Cronulla Seagulls 6-1. On the flipside, their goalie looked remarkably like Suge Knight. But unfortunately lacked most of the sharp reactive qualities of the former line-backer.

4:50pm - Seja
Around the time Seja was performing, I was doing a little bit of performing of my own — as future celebrity chef Jonny Quiche, serving up my world famous "Sausage In A Bun". Not to be confused with my equally world famous, yet incredible unsportsmanlike, wrestling move of the same name.

6:00pm - Richard In Your Mind
Not unlike my culinary treasures, Richard In Your Mind are best consumed stoned. Although Richie's leaf-blower dragon prop might have been a touch scary if you'd laced that hydroponic with anything stronger than a few grams of Panadeine Forte.

SPOD. Firey Sex God.

6:50pm - SPOD
Highlight of the day/month. Possibly only relegated to second place by old mate Matt Banham's reaction to the performance, both from the front-row and briefly while on stage, chanting and clapping along to a song about ditching chicks and getting on the turps with your mates and/or Ian "Turpeedo" Turps. Thankfully, SPOD is finally taking it upon himself to galavant up the mountain towards the dizzyingly lofty heights of Mid-Life Crisis Deadshit Rock. And I (and the world) couldn't be happier. His new album — due out early 2013 — will surely redefine the complex struggle between lacking life-long ambitions and possessing an incredibly comfortable pair of tracksuit pants.

7:50pm - Good Heavens
When Rice Is Nice announced a few weeks back that they had a new signing, the rumour mill went into overdrive, printing off countless slips of paper with names and addresses of potential acts that may have penned a deal with the label. Talks of a Talons re-signing were muffled out under loud whispers that the new act would be Good Heavens, a trio consisting of about 66% ex-Wolfmothers and a dash of theRedSunBand. Although they originally debuted late last year, the band haven't played around town much (not publicly anyway). This marination has served them well, arriving as a completely formed being, with arms, legs, a unique sound and heaps of songs that tie all of these elements together. A brooding, dark musical setting, perfect for Sarah Kelly's hauntingly angelic vocals to dance over. And just enough fist-pumping rock triumphainting to occasionally drag us out of the deep doldrums. Definitely keen for lot's more.

8:50pm - Donny Benet
If I was hanging out with my lady during Benet's sleaze-dripped set then we probably would have called it a day/night and headed off back to the nest. Half the work done for you, right? But I was partnered with Just My Mates on this particular evening and although we all like to take a dip into the Frank Ocean now and again, it was a Sunday and I'd just eaten heaps of sausages.

9:50pm - The Laurels
Attending live shows can be exhausting. The Laurels sorted that, blowing the sleepy dust out of our peepers with their heart-rattling volume levels, as well as successfully shaking the remaining bricks of the Annandale from their sturdy mortar glue. Billed at the exact time when lovers were thinking of getting dinner/nookie, "probably the best band in Sydney in 2012" kept the crowd around for at least another hour (fuck Mondays, right?), showcasing songs from their debut album, Plains, at full force. Another brutal performance.

10:50pm - Straight Arrows
Overwhelming mind guttering (thanks Laurels), plus we were all planning to get up at Dawn's Crack to witness the Spanglishers massacre the Itals. In the European Club final, not in some sort of "Who's Got More Defuncted Loans?" game show challenge. All of which equated to a quiet little kebab and a walk home instead of witnessing the Straighty Arrows (presumably) slay another bunch of Sydneysiders. Sorry. Rest assure we/everyone still lusts you.

10:56 - Kebab, Oz's Brothers Kebabs, Annandale

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