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Homebake @ The Domain

The Festival Ladies, minus Mrs Pop who is currently lost to the Seattle grunge movement, attended Homebake on the weekend. The much loved Aussie / NZ festival once again did not disappoint. Futurama tattoos, vodka infused slurpees, the revival of the epic 90s band Tumbleweed, interpretive dancing, vodka smuggled in via Ribena squeezies and yet another moshpit injury... it had it all.


Gemdilem: Not breaking tradition I arrive at Homebake as the gates open. I mutter my disgust at those charging $5 for a programme and hop, skip and jump my way past security with my vodka in Ribena squeezies nicely hidden on my body. Ribena squeezies are the perfect way to smuggle alcohol into festivals. You can hide them in so many places - you can give yourself a bigger butt, bigger belly, bigger boobs... and security are none the wiser. It's not like they are going to feel us ladies up to check if the tits are real! Genius!

Ambascamba: 20 minutes. That's the shortest wait in the Homebake line I've had in years. I make it through the gates (complete with 2 x ribena squeezies) in time to find Gemdilem before PHILADELPHIA GRAND JURY have finished their first song.

Gemdilem: The PGJ voice over thingy to announce their songs dies before their first song. Thank goodness. It was getting tiresome. Overall a great performance by PGJ... some lovely pop, feel good tunes to start the day.

Ambascamba: PGJ have a new drummer since last time I saw them and he is brilliant. This dude's got moves. Beardy man is sick. He's soldiering on and rocking out as much as he can, but he doesn't look well. Lucky they have the world's most enthusiastic drummer to amp up the crowd of early birds.


Magda: Twitter tells me Gemdilem and Ambascamba are already on location. I'm making an effort to miss PGJ opening the main stage. They have unintendedly been my most seen band for 2009. I arrive just in time to catch the much talked about BOY & BEAR. Pop folk seems to be the thing of the summer - wooo wooo!

Ambascamba: BOY & BEAR are very enjoyable if you remove the high-pitched 'wooooos'. Unfortunately there are a lot of high-pitched 'woooos' so we leave.


Carlsberg: I arrive. After removing Mr Goose (only the best duty free vodka for me) from his hiding place down the back of my shorts (look at my excellent posture security!!) it is off to find the other Festival Ladies. A jumping and squealing reunion ensues. I then head straight for the shade of the big tree at the Dome Stage for some sun protection.

Ambascamba: We get to the Dome stage in time to see a video of people doing the Thriller dance on the Opera House forecourt. By the end of the day I've seen this video playing on the big screens about 12 times, and I'm still not sure why. THE MIDDLE EAST are good. One of the (many) band members has a tiny little guitar. I pretend the guitar is normal size but the dude is huge. It amuses me.

Carlsberg: Today is all about Tumbleweed. THE MIDDLE EAST are not Tumbleweed. But they do have beards and banjos and nice voices and songs that make me want to sway my head, so here we are, under the tree, being protected from the sun. Winning a J Award surely has had a huge effect on their popularity as there is a decent crowd here. Unfortunately for THE MIDDLE EAST, there is a girl with a full back tattoo of Bender from Futurama, and comic book strips of the show down her left arm. This provides plenty of entertainment, not just looking at them, but trying to take a photo of her without her scary looking boyfriend noticing. What I heard of THE MIDDLE EAST (over the tee hee hees directed at Bender- girl) was really good. A lovely start to Homebake 2009 for me.

Gemdilem: THE MIDDLE EAST have this dramatic folk-ish music thing going on. There's like 6 or 7 of them in the band (I lost count) and clearly they are talented. I can't stop watching the constant rotating of instruments - guitars (acoustic and electric), drums, keyboards, percussion, and a flute. Together with the vocal harmonies THE MIDDLE EAST have a pretty hypnotic and special sound. I like.

Poleski: I leave the ladies to find Feisty K. I instruct Carlsberg to get me a Slurpee so that I can get started on my Ribena goodness.

Carlsberg: When hearing a bottle of Coke costs more than $5 (and we're talking Grip and Go, not full size here people) my mission to find the van of slurpee goodness takes on a new urgency. Turns out the large size is actually really large. Bring on the sugar high mixed with the smug satisfaction only drinking smuggled vodka can bring.


Poleski: So we are all set to meet for CLOSURE IN MOSCOW (aka token emo band) under the big screen. The problem is the screen is really big. I have lost the ladies. CLOSURE IN MOSCOW kicked ass minus the constant “we were just in the US” banter.

Gemdilem: Eating gozleme. It's just not a festival without gozleme.

Carlsberg: Heard the last song of CLOSURE IN MOSCOW. Emo band watching complete. Poleski you're not here. I'm drinking your slurpee.


Poleski: I head to The Hoey stage. Still no ladies in sight. I've been meaning to check out PARADES for quite some time. I think one time I actually saw them but I think it was the night Mrs Pop and I met Stephen Jonas so we were more preoccupied with him than with listening to the band. Sorry band. I do like what Parades have going on. They make me sway and bop.


Gemdilem: At the main stage I am patiently waiting for one of our favourite 90s grunge bands, Tumbleweed, to make their epic comeback... still 1 hour to go! FUNKOARS take the stage. It is bad.

Carlsberg: FUNKOARS why are people watching you? Why do you exist? Does Australia not have enough bad hip hop acts? Do you not sound exactly like the Hilltop Hoods who are also from Adelaide? Conspiracy...

Poleski: I thought FUNKOARS were a metal band. Awkward.

Ambascamba: Due to a timetable fail and there being absolutely no bands we want to see, Gemdilem and I decide there's never been a better time to join the longest bar line EVER. Quite a few other people have the same idea.


Carlberg: TUMBLEWEED!!! THE TUMBLE!!! THE WEED!!! I am slightly nervous. I have had this feeling a number of times of late when bands that I loved in my youth decide to make comebacks. Will they have grey hair? Will they have bellies? Will they suck?

Gemdilem: There have been so many comebacks in the last 12 months of bands I absolutely loved growing up - Frenzal Rhomb, Custard, Jebediah, Nancy Vandal. Bands I never thought I'd get a chance to see again. And now we can add TUMBLEWEED to that list! Pretty much the only reason why I wanted to come to Homebake!

Carlsberg: As if I needed to have worried... TUMBLEWEED freaking rock. Or is it they freaking grunge? Richie's voice, dare I say it, is better than ever. Wish I could list highlights but I can't, every song is. Oh ok then, if I had to name one it would be Daddy Long Legs. Killing it 90s grunge style. Love the kiddies standing side of stage. I wish I was the kid of someone in Tumbleweed.

Gemdilem: I love how unbelievably old they look. Time has not been that kind to them but I look beyond the grey hair, receding hairlines and wrinkles. The music is exactly how I remember it. Pure awesome.

Poleski: TUMBLEWEED you are hands down the greatest. So much awesomeness on the one stage. I may implode. I have been reunited with the ladies. Imploded.

Carlsberg: I walk away in a post-weed daze. It's fair to say the day has peaked. Where can we go from here? Is just isn't fair on anyone playing from this point on as they are not TUMBLEWEED.


Poleski: So I was told that the Byron Bay Donut folk have a stall at Homebake. I want a donut. I drag the ladies on a mission. This is where my tastebuds go spiralling and I end up with an array of cravings. Manically trying to find the stall I loose the ladies AGAIN. I settle on mini dutch pancakes. But then I want pizza. And a hot dog. I head to SIA armed with delicious food. The other ladies are apparently on the other side. I cannot move.

Carlsberg: I either find SIA great or really, really boring. Today she is just boring (and I don't think its just the post-Tumbleweed effect). Every time I get into a track (You've Changed, Little Black Sandals) she dips into a lull. She is also weird. I'm sure Sia's lady fans find her kooky and endearing, but I'm sorry, putting a pair of 'warm socks' that someone has just thrown on stage down your top is just plain gross. She also keeps touching her belly like she is preggers with a Sia sprog, and that is confusing me.

Ambascamba: Slushie time!


Carlsberg: We dance. Interpretively to JET. We hope this is going to ease the pain of listening to who surely have to rank highly on the list of worst Australian bands ever. Ambascamba hears her favourite JET song (Look What You've Done) and gets all teary. Jokes. We have our photo taken by someone clearly impressed by our spirit fingers. I find several pairs of sunglasses on the ground that we amuse ourselves trying on. Alas, Jet are still horrible.

Gemdilem: JET seems almost enjoyable when acting out the songs and dancing around wearing sunglasses we have found on the ground.

Ambascamba: Yelling abuse at JET for playing shit songs.

Poleski: I have not found the ladies. I surrender. No ginzz or Tim Finn will save me. It is time to go home.


Carlsberg: At this point I lose the other Festival Ladies on a husband finding mission. I don't think it would be fair of me to give a review of POWDERFINGER as I dislike them immensely. Hate is a strong word. I don't enjoy them. Except for the part where smug Bernard tries for crowd interaction as they are recording something and the crowd part is somewhat lacking. Please let it be a Greatest Hits album in time for Christmas.

Gemdilem: Ambascamba and I head over to see EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING. The Hopetoun tent is surprisingly empty so we managed to score an awesome spot up the front. Putting Eddy on at the same time as Powderfinger and Midnight Juggernauts has clearly worked in our favour.

Ambascamba: This is my first time seeing EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING, and I will always remember it. Eddy is a dreamboat. He rules. There's a bit of crowd surfing and stage invasion, but everyone's awfully nice about it and by the end of the set there's a nice camaraderie between band, crowd and security. Warm fuzzy Homebake / vodka feelings.

Gemdilem: ECSR absolutely killed it! And were definitely the stand out Homebake highlight for me. The vibe was great and the songs, particularly Memory Lane and Colour Television sounded fantastic. Awesome set.

Gemdilem: Towards the end of the ECSR set I get a little bit over excited in the mosh pit and some how manage to hurt my ankle. At the time (and possibly masked by the vodka goodness) I didn't think it was that bad and rejected the help from St John's Ambulance! Turned out to be a mistake as the next day my ankle was swollen, purple and clearly sprained!


Ambascamba: Gemdilem cannot be trusted in a moshpit situation anymore. I leave her and her busted ankle under Carlsberg's supervision and get as far away from Bernard Fanning as quickly as I can. Despite the largely craptacular line up, Homebake is still the best way to spend the first Saturday of December.

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I really really really really like this review. Really.

1 decade ago


unfortunately, for you... missed the Underground Lovers. They were the best thing there. Great review though.

1 decade ago


how about less photos of you geeks and more photos of cool people

1 decade ago


"Who let the dorks out, who who?"

1 decade ago


on the same page shanks?
hows the photo of the girl who looks remarkably like a cartooon fish eating....
why, honestly why, did that need to be posted?

1 decade ago


fuck off corgan.

I really enjoyed reading this review, great photos! sounds like you guys had an awesome day!

1 decade ago


Thanks Sleezy and Shanks... Love feedback... Will definitely try harder to find cool people and make friends with them and take photos of them... Actually maybe the next review should just be of cool people at festivals... Think about it... So many levels of awesome... yes?

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

i have some pics of sleezy and shanks from the 2007 lost valentinos ep launch at candy's .. will post them up to myspace later on.. luv youse

1 decade ago


gem at least you realise that you arent cool and the only reason you get to write these elongated and drawn out reviews is due to everybody else seeing it as a complete waste of time.

1 decade ago


jonny, why are we still letting corgan onto the forum? I'm getting really tired of him.

hey sleezdog, no one likes a bully hiding behind the anonymity of an internet forum. if you don't like the review, fine - but don't you dare start insulting my friends for being 'uncool.' are you in high school? grow up.

if you thought this review was a waste of time then why did you read to the end? and on top of that, why did you feel the need to comment?

the festival ladies "get" to write these reviews because they are funny and personable. they write about their experiences in a way that makes you feel as if you were there. I personally loved reading this and all the other features that have been on polaroids.

1 decade ago


I don't get it. There are heaps of pix of the bands in that review and hardly any of the Festival Ladies. I'm looking forward to your review of Meredith Gem! Get it up here!

1 decade ago


Acknowledging "the sleezedog" is playing into his hands, never mention the c bag again......

1 decade ago


what a load of bullshit....seriously

1 decade ago

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