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Interview: Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit

The other day we sat down inside the magical bubble world called Twitter and spoke to lovely Scottish lads, Frightened Rabbit, about their upcoming new album, the general acceptance of the 'cunt' word and Kevin Bloody Wilson.

In case you missed the 'action' here is a (fairly) accurate transcript of the interview:

First things first.. how you guys holding up after Andy Murray's loss in the tennis the other night..?

Angry. I think I cried but was too drunk to remember!!!

He put up a sporting fight though. Tough Scottish character...

He did. His time will come. One day he won't have to stand behind Federer with scowling envious eyes on his trophy.

You guys arrived on Australia Day, right? How did you spend our national patriotic drinking holiday?

We did! We went to a BBQ at our mate Nina's place and drank cider and then watched the tennis!

Was kinda good cos I left the country on Australia Day last year so never got to experience the full glory.

How has the rest of your time been in Aust-land so far?

Sweaty but fun. We went to Melbourne Museum and freaked out when we saw funnel web spiders and a giant squid.

I think that's the standard British reaction to Australia..

Laneway has been kind to us the past couple of days. Dappled Cities were great last night.

Any leads on who might have stolen Dappled Cities' rider? Apparently is it got pinched while they were playing...

Daniel Johnston maybe?! It definitely wasn't us but I'd happily buy those guys a beer next time we're in town.

With the new album due out very soon.. what kind of ratio of old/new songs can fans expect with the rest of your Australian shows?

Give us a minute and we will figure out an exact ratio for you!



Ok, but I guess what I'm really asking is - any chance of getting Be Less Rude and/or The Greys at your Sydney show this week?


Oh... Is this mainly because for the old songs you don't need new boy Gordon to really do too much? Does he feel left out?



With the band seemingly growing every week, starting from a one-man project and now with 5 members... do you see an end? Are the next few members going to be brass members? Horns? Triangle? Or does Gordz have this all locked down?

Gordon has everything on lock down. Even his women! You will be hearing Square 9 at the shows. Is that good enough?

Yeah.. that'll be grand.

Ok, so with the new album, besides Gordon's inclusion and your return to Scotland to record, what else was different in the recording process between Mixed Drinks and Midnight Organ Fight?

We had a lot more time with album 3 to experiment and throw things into the songs that wouldn't have made it on otherwise. There is a lot more going on which was due to the luxury of having time to play around with a few things.

Yeah, it definitely sound 'denser' (more dense?) than the previous work. There is a lot more going on. I have read conflicted reports about the ongoing narritive through Mixed Drinks, while (obvs) not a 'concept' record, is there a story that flows throughout...?

Yes there is a story. It's one of feeling lost and pushing yourself to the limits of loneliness and boredom!

It is NOT a break-up record this time round. Gladly there was no break up to write about!

Lost in regards to your musical direction or on a larger scale?

Not directly in regards to musical direction but being on tour can make you fell really disconnected from life. so it is related to the music in a way but it's not a record about being in a band on the road specifically.

Yeah, there is almost a third person perspective on some of the songs, somewhat of a disconnection in that regard. But also in the way the lyrics occasionally utilise a slightly light hearted nature, even though they are incredibly personal...

Scott always tries to add a bit of humour into the songs. Although some songs are quite dark the general conclusion is that "things are not that bad". With Midnight Organ Fight Scott wrote about something that most people have gone through.

It had to be personal otherwise it wouldn't seem genuine. Which is something we always try and be - Genuine.

Speaking of which, a local community radio station once got in a bit of trouble because of the 'off the cuff' use of cunt on your song Poke...

Haha! We like to get a sneaky cunt into community radio wherever possible.

Has that song got you guys into any drama around the world?.

Drama? Hmm.... Gordon's Mum and Dad walked out of a gig when we played in his hometown! Haha.

How long before it becomes an accepted term? 'Fuck' seems to be ok now - rap music sorted that out. Are you guys the cunt pioneers?

Cunt Pioneers!! Ha. We'd love to be know as such. I think it is an accepted term in Scotland anyway. It means 'person'.

Bands to seem to embarrassingly attempt Australian covers when they are in the country. Can you assure fans now you won't do this, but if you do it'll be either "tie me kangeroo down sport" or.. [i'd love to have a beer with] "Duncan"..?

We were thinking about doing something by Kevin Bloody Wilson...

YESSSS.. Now you're talking!

So besides Mr Wilson, other notable influences.? I have heard you mention Nick Cave and Morrissey before...

Nick cave is a legend, of course.

We've got to go and play guitars on the beach now. Thank you for having us, it's been fun! Feels pioneering in more ways than one now!

Ok, any final thoughts/words..?

Vote for us ... here...

Some big names on that list, but no Hudson Mohawke. Am I right in thinking Belle & Sebastian are like the AC/DC of Scotland?

More like the Meatloaf of Fife!


Frightened Rabbit's new album, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, is out (locally) on March 6 via Inertia.

You can catch Da Rabbits playing a 1000% FREE show TONIGHT at the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi Town.

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