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Interview: The Grates

The Grates

The other day while the rest of The Internet World was doing awesome hilarious April Fools Day jokes we were busy. BUSY MAKING HISTORY!!!

How did it feel? Did it feel like that time you and your best friend hugged a little too long? Or the first time you heard that Weezer/Jay-Z mash-up album? Did it feel like a smack in the face with a reasonably priced piece of salmon? No, no and no.

It felt nice.

Of course, the history we speak of is our interview with Brisbane group The Grates, which we conducted over a 'web application' called Twitter. We are positive that it is the FIRST EVER interview carried out exclusively using the mind-blowingly awesome FREE internet service and therefore qualifies for at least a paragraph and/or footnote in the history books of time.

So here it is. The full interview. Only minor 'fixes' added in to make us (read: both sides) seem slightly 'less nerdy'. Re-published for those that were unable to 'figure that Twitter thing out', are attempting to boycott signing up and/or those that just want to relive THE HISTORY over and over again. Enjoyables.

Good morning Grates! Let me know when youse are ready to kick this lil interview thingo off...

Good afternoon, totally ready when you are.

So... first up ... how did SXSW go? Mayhem? Chaos? True love?

SXSW was awesome. Loading in and out of pokey lil venues was pretty chaotic, all the shows went off without a hitch. We saw some great bands. Got to see Red Red Meat for the 1st (and prob last) time. They played with a really cool band called Starfucker, and a band called Let's Wrestle.

Well, i guess that takes care of my next question regarding who you saw which we should know about.

Is SXSW all about kicking goals for oz music, or are you happy with just 'behinds'? Sport metaphors in interviews?

I think you've gotta go in thinking that the best thing that'll happen is you'll have a good time and that anything else that happens is a bonus. It is nice to represent Australia though! Like the rock Olympics.

And now you are on a bit of a US tour before heading back?

Yeah a tiny one. 3 shows in NY 2 in LA. Just did our last LA show last night.

As far as souvenirs go. What have you got in the trunk so far from the trip?

Alana and I got Mickey Mouse ears from Disneyland with our names sewn into the back. Patience got teatowels. Disneyland teatowels. She is definitely the most practical.

Does the prospect of grunge returning excite you guys? Has work commenced on the new album? Is it going to be kinda grunge?

I love that grunge is returning a lil bit. Especially Violent Soho.

We've done a bit of writing.... though it's definitely NOT grunge. It's all really pretty. Not sure whether any of it will make the cut but I'd love to do some really pretty songs with huge drums..

But too early for any locked in plans regarding the new record?

Tentatively we would like to record early 2010. We're going to be coming back to the US mid-year. I'd love to buckle down and TRY to write an album in the next few months. We usually take ages to write. It'd be fun to see if it's possible to knock something out real quick. Maybe we'd capture a bit more urgency.. who knows? It could fail.

While loosely on the topic of early 90s stuff (grunge!!)... 1994 Weezer vs 2009 Blink 182 vs 1993 Green Day?


Snapz. Went to early with the toughest interview question?

I'm probably MOST excited about 2009 Blink. 1993 green day is probably most exciting to listen to now. But 1994 Weezer holds the biggest place in my heart (after 1996 Weezer).

Avoiding turning this into a Blue vs Pinkerton debate.

Yeah best stay away from that one.

But yes.. 2009 Blink is an exciting prospect. We attempted to stalk one of the guys when he was hear last week...

I saw Hoppus was there for the MTV thing on Twitter. BTW loving Joppus + Barker on Twitter.

Yes.. we even got to the MTV Awards and people had seen Hoppus but we couldn't find him. We just wanted to talk to him about their self-titled record. How it was the best 'bromance' album ever?

That sucks. So close yet so far.

Speaking of stalking.. my sister kind of stalks you guys.. does that worry you at all?

Not worried about sisters stalking, only brothers. Do I know your sis?

No, I think stalking 101 is all about not knowing it's happening. Once the jig is up - the drama starts...

gemdilem: I wouldn't exactly call it stalking... although we are going to maitland just to see you guys

@gemdilem: the jig is up!

Note: at this point it was kinda muddled. We had accidentally started two seperate conversations - one about stalking and one about bromance. All over the place. Apologies if it gets a little bit confusing.

[Regarding Blink 182 self-titled] I don't think it was the best bromance album ever for them. It was like their bro breakup album. But I agree that self titled really brings bros together.

Yes.. maybe i am reading too much into it. I just like how it sounds like they rented out a cabin for the summer and really 'got down on record how they felt'.

They got vulnerable with themselves.

Speaking of bromance... thoughts?

I wanna get together with my best bros and go see I Love You, Man. I'm more of a fan of unrequited bromance though.

Yes, that film looks like a winner. Total bro down.

Moving away from Blink 182/bromance for a second... GFC? Solutions? Thoughts? What are your plans with the K Rudd $'s ?

I was thinking about buying a BBQ.. just moved into a new house with a nice verandah. I can't wait for the GFC to settle down though. The 24 hour news over here doesn't help with the fear.

Yes, it's still a bit chaotic here still..

Yeah it sucks. My friends and family keep getting fired/rehired/fired. Too much panic, not enough bunkering down.

Is it time to build bunkers maybe? Stock up on Blink 182 and hibernate...

So what are you guys looking forward to most in the '09? There is the local tour coming up, right?

Yeah touring in May. Looking forward to writing as much as we can and then touring our guts out OS til the end of 09. Would love to squeeze as much work as I possibly can into 09, do my part for the GFC.

Besides the US, where else will you be gut touring later in the year?

Hopefully a bit in the UK and Europe and maybe Japan? It's all a bit up in the air at the moment.

How do the overseas crowds compare with locally? Not just in size i mean, but general antics/behaviour/craziness?

It kinda feels like we're a new band again a bit! Lots of people have never seen us before and there's a different type of excitement in the room that builds as the show goes on. It's also a bit more conversational. People talk to you while you're on stage. Feels like everyone's part of the show. I think that's just because we're playing smaller rooms though.

How about doing a local tour of little venues? Announced on the day, 50 tickets, each stop tries to one up the previous stop?


Ok, sure it will probably send you guys broke but will be great fun. Shipping container, fruit shop, my Dad's shed...

Yeah that would be fun. Great idea. Thought about doing that at soundcheck, like a soundcheck party/matinee. It could work if you worked it around a tour. Play old songs and test out new ones. I'll bring it up at our next band meeting.

Ok last question .. because my cat needs to be fed etc.. and you know it has to be a tough question. Those are the rules

Tuffer the better

If each member of the group had to transform themselves into a pop song from the past 100 years. What would it be? Like it was some sort of emergency. To save the planet - Captain Planet style.. and the only way to save the day was to transform into a pop song.

Actually, what a great sci-fi/musical plot. New question - how about we make a sci-fi musical?

I'm going to go with Heart Cooks Brain by Modest Mouse.

Alana is asleep. Actually I just woke her up and she's not in a state to answer a question LOL.

On behalf of patience i think "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper.

I would love to make a songs from the black hole style rock opera.

YESS, more nerdy sci-fi though. Maybe a bit more broadway..

LOL Alana just thanked me for waking her up cos she was having a nightmare. Doesn't get any better than that.

What was the nightmare? Could it be worked into the plot for the sci-fi musical?

Oh, also we're going to the Simpsons animations studio today! We got invited! A character designer from Simpsons/Futurama drew a rad pic of us as heads in jars with bender holding us! Definitely a tour highlight

Work a cameo into an episode? If Kim Basinger can get in one....

Ok... well i am going to have to close this off before we get too lost in Simpsons, sci-fi musicals, Blink 182 ....

Thanks! Have a great day. Hope your cat isn't going crazy from hunger pains!!

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I liked this interview... even though it made me out to be a stalker [I'm not really a stalker... promise!]... what I really liked about it was being able to follow it on Twitter live / as it happened!

1 decade ago

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