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Less politics, more hip-hop

Barack Obama is Superman?
Christopher Reeves complex.

Come on, does anybody really give a flying left fook about this whole 'presidential race' thing? It doesn't really matter who is the leader of the FREE world, we will still be in 'potato lines' in about six months. You know, like Russia (circa Soviet Union). The economy is crashing like a DJ AM plane being flown by the drummer from SUM 41. On drugs.

Oh, but politics could be sooooo much more exciting/awesome/legendary. It's a 'what if' game. Like imagine MIGHTY Mos mudda-phucking Def was President...

".. America would be cool again".

Yes. Agreed Mos. America is LAME. America is the new Canada. Canada is the new Zealand. And Zealand is the new Cook Islands. Etc.

Legendary hip-hop group Black Sheep have also got in the 'spirit' of this whole 'politics' thing by updated their CLASSIC track The Choice Is Yours to show off their support of Barrack 'FUTURE LOOKS GREAT' Obama.

It seems from our perspective (and the 'media brainwashing') that Mr Obama will be in the White House before the end of the week. He is odds on favourite BUT as we saw today in the Melbourne Cup the favourites don't always take out the prize. That said, Bart Cummings (and Ross 'moneybags' Perot for that matter) seem to have more of a chance of winning the election than Mr McCain.

The secret of Obama's popularity has been largely due to his ability to infiltrate the world of new media (read: YouTube) by paying young Asian boys to rap about him over classic Lil Wayne tracks.

It is also a well known FACT that Obamaamaama is at least 1200 times cooler than anyone who has ever attempted to run for president (with the exception of Pimp Clinton The First).

Holy shit, Barack even likes Jay-Z!

This 'news' item was fully endorsed and paid for by Sir John McCain - star of Die Hard and Die Harder AND the next President Of The United States Of America. Ditch that Tina Fey bitch and fly solo dawg. You got wings!

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Jonny Yes Yes

nooooooo... i just found out hillary lost by a nose.. fuck.. will we ever get the justice we deserve.. french electro!!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

comment test?

1 decade ago

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