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Man Man + Bishop Allen @ Debaser, Stockholm

Visiting Stockholm this weekend, I made a bee-line from the airport (via a day of Swedish TV and napping) to Debaser - a popular club with a great reputation - to see a band I'd been excited to see ever since discovering their 2006 album Six Demon Bag, Man Man.

Bishop Allen were the opening band and they played a pretty entertaining set, perfectly displaying their intelligent pop sensibilities to the small but enthusiastic audience.

The live show of Man Man is truly indescribable. While I really enjoyed their first album, and their latest effort Rabbit Habits is certainly one of the highlights of this year to date, nothing really compares to witnessing the furious energy outburst that is unleashed by the five members of the band when they hit the stage.

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Jonny Yes Yes

kick ass photos m-dawg..

1 decade ago


that looks insane.

1 decade ago

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