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Meredith Music Festival (Saturday)

The Friday installment was packed to the brim with adventure (missed planes), comedy (Regurgitator are still around?) and suspense (saw dust in undies). Now, it's time for part doose with even more of the same hi-jinks, lo-jinks and in-betweeny-jinks with our three dedicated festival reporters - Gemdilem, Poleski and Mrs Pop.

The Second Day Begins

Gemdilem: And now the rain has been replaced with rain AND wind. It was hard enough to get the tent to stay put being pegged into the wet, soggy ground. Now with the extra challenge of the wind it was impossible. Tents got airborne. Walking around the camp ground was like walking around a tent graveyard.

Mrs Pop: We are going to get mould in all sorts of places.

Tame Impala

Gemdilem: They looked so nervous taking to the stage. Second song in and they found their rhythm. The drummer was awesome he was going so crazy I thought his arms would drop off.

Poleski: The current flavour of the month you couldn't help but wonder what the fuss was about. The young ones did not disappoint! A set of psychedelic awesomeness....and colourful, tie dye tees...brought the 10,000 campers out of their slumber / pass outs and back to the stage. The best wake up call ever.

Gemdilem: Back at the camp site tents were flying still. We almost lost our tent. Twice. Even with Mrs Pop sleeping inside. Thank God for duct tape! If we were to survive the day we were going to need: gin haze, ponchos, gum boots, and beer.

Gemdilem: Poleski decides to make an outfit from ponchos.

The Mountain Goats

Poleski: We all headed down for what was set to be a festival highlight and the Mountain Goats did not disappoint. Who thought you could be so morbid yet so delightful?

Gemdilem: Played well, but so many songs about death, dying and committing suicide. I need a beer.

Gemdilem: Embracing the mud. Mud fights slip and slide and an inflatable race down a muddy hill.

The Bronx

Gemdilem: Words can not explain how epic and insane this performance was. Matt Caughthran (front man) went crowd surfing. He went nuts. Everyone went nuts.

Poleski: Katatonic and I had been counting down for this moment! We were bursting at the seams! From the moment they hit the cords to American Heart Attack it was on! Sheer, ballistic force! All tracks new and old were mind blowing. The rowdiness, the sing offs! A band that evidently had a scatter of fans there had concerted the entire crowd! For the rest of the festival and beyond people would talk about the set gob smacked! You do not get artists like this anymore! The Bronx are keeping rock alive!

Gemdilem: I want to smash some shit up. I'm so hyped up.

Saul Williams

Poleski: Katatonic, Mrs Pop and I ventured out to locate Mr Smirnoff who had not been seen since Friday night. VERY concerning. This left BMA to recap on Saul Williams. He described as a fusion of Bowie, NIN and some band I cannot remember. I understand why BMA cut his dance offs short... how do you get your head around that combination? I would have liked to have seen the metallic power suite. Although the corn we had instead was also very satisfying.

Gemdilem: Did I see Saul Williams? I don't remember. I think I was eating.

Architecture In Helsinki

Gemdilem: That Beep sounded awesome live. Remix of Debbie sounded average. Actually a lot of their 'big hits' sounded fairly average. Then they played the song from The Neverending Story. BMA and Mrs Pop's reaction was priceless. It's like they had both been waiting for this moment all their lives.

Gemdilem: Mrs Pop and BMA then re-enacted The Neverending Story movie for the next hour.

Mrs Pop: I am Falkor.

Poleski: Katatonic and I were busy ranting and re-living the epicness of The Bronx. It turns out we missed a key festival experience: The Neverending Story re-enactment. Soon after due to excessive ranting and what not, we decided it was time for a lie down. On route Katatonic endured the first mud stack of the trip down the muddy hill.

Little Red

Gemdilem: Despite being on EVERY festival bill this was the first time ever I watched an entire set from Little Red without heckling, antics or deciding to go get a drink instead. Their performance was solid.

Poleski: This is a band that just keeps getting better ever time I see them! A definite crowd favourite. If you haven't seen them... believe the hype and check them out ASAP.

Mini kegs = fun times.

The Datsuns

Gemdilem: I didn't like it. I don't know why, I just didn't.

Poleski: Strobe lights suck.


Gemdilem: Flat and crap. It's like they didn't want to be there. What on earth was their problem? They weren't the ones standing out in the rain and in 6 inches of mud. Get over it!

Poleski: EPIC FAIL! I refuse to waste my time and energy re-hashing how boring this band is live. Refuse.

Mrs Pop: ZERO antics. Not impressed. I did score a free glowstick from a fellow festival go-er though.

Gemdilem: Katatonic vommed during MGMT. We don't know if this was gin related or MGMT related. Probably MGMT.

Gemdilem: Thankfully the DJ after MGMT totally got us back into the party mood and Mrs Pop had a good old fashion dance off. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, JT and Beastie Boys. What a combo!


Gemdilem: After the last 2 weeks all expectations were for an on-stage meltdown by Muscles. It didn't happen. Slightly disappointing. Muscles was in control, paraded the stage, and interacted with the crowd. Really good performance. I danced up a storm, tried to sing like Muscles, and lost my voice.

Poleski: No tanty. Bummer. Bring back The Vines!

Gemdilem: BED. Still raining, still windy. I have no dry clothes left to wear.

And on the final installment

More mystery, adventure, suspense and awesomeness than you can point a billion stick-shaped pointers at. It will more than likely explode your face off. Stay tuned.

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