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Midget + Tucker B's + Captain Nemo @ Hopetoun Hotel

This is a song about kids.

Tucker B's returned to their adopted home town after a lengthy absence and, as they re-introduced themselves to the packed house, it was fairly obvious the ram-shackling screaming pranksters were going to deliver a performance that kids from ages 8 to 45 would be talking about for decades and/or weeks to come.

They opened their set with a blistering rendition of The Legs. The reworking, as with several other tracks they played from their last record, Chubby, had been tweaked to sound a whole lot bigger and stronger. Strong enough to kick your weak ass, that's for damn sure.

With humorous little moments such as the general 'horseplay' between members and sly remarks to the sound guy that 'there is a gig going up here', the band was successfully able to bring the crowd to their knees. Whilst the Tuckers had the crowd down on their knees they thought they might as well have their way with them, and did so, with the assistance of screaming vocals and an endless stream of punishing musical offerings.

We expected their set to contain more new songs but, correct us if we are wrong, they added in just the one newey. It was called Fire Headed Cock Sucker which, as the fantastic title would suggest, was fantastic. Other highlights of their forty-five minute set included an untamed guitar solo which saw half the band leave the stage, a well executed fast-paced punk rock number and a moment which saw the drummer getting shamed by the rest of the band for spilling his beer all over the stage.

They closed out their set with a jaw-dropping performance of the crowd favourite, Lord We Are Your Playlord. The song grew from psychedelic vocals (via what appeared to be a homemade talk box) into a chaotic mess of chanting and satantic-like thunder. It was beautiful to say the absolute least.

No word as yet as to the future plans of the Tuckerzzz (new album and possibly returning to live in Sydney) but rest assured, if Friday was anything to go by, you have not heard the last gushing review of them around these parts.

As far as the rest of the night went - Captain Nemo were the cock-teasing foreplay and Midget were the after-sex cigarette.

Captain Nemo had a huge sound, yet they were somewhat fragile and emotion-driven at the same time. They built up from heavy baselines and forceful drumming into songs that weren't overly aggressive or passive, but a nice and confusing middle ground. Their sound came alive right in front of my eyes, drunkenly pissed on me and then walked off with a shy swagger and offering nothing more than a cute little wave.

Midget delivered a great, harder, raw sound. I kinda feel like we have missed the boat on them (it sailed off about 12 years ago I think) but, as my great grandfather Herbert always says, you can never start learning too late. Herbert is currently learning how to do scrap-booking and he is loving every minute of it.

The crowd, especially the drunken 30-year-olds in front of me (who may or may not have been members of The Captain Nemo Appreciation Society) loudly screamed the words and danced awkwardly to every song. That is always a good gauge on whether or not a band is decent or not.

Three fantastic bands that delivered three very solid performances. Good Friday? More like Fucking Ace Friday.

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