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My Disco + Fabulous Diamonds + Ohana @ Oxford Art Factory

Every man and their pet goat/s knows that My Disco are precise. In fact, the term 'My Disco' was recently added to the Australian dictionary with 'very fucking precise three-piece band from Melbourne' as the definition. They never miss a note, well ALMOST never miss a note.

At their show on Friday evening at the Oxford Art Factory they were their usual brilliant self, taking the audience down the normal jaw-dropping journey through their impressive back catalogue, with every song delivered with their perfect math-prog-super-rock execution.

And then.... they missed a note.


There was sly smirks from the band members as bassist Liam Andrews slipped his finger on the repetitive pounding baseline of '|' - the opening track from their terrific new album, Paradise.

I imagine the band have a 'fine jar' out the back, which, much like football teams collect fines for missed tackles etc throughout a season, they collect a dollar for each mistake.

So far they are up to four dollars. It's gonna be a pretty lackluster end-of-year trip at this rate.

But yeah, it's all really just 'giggles n shits' yeah? They were actually moderately brilliant. The single mistake proved that, despite what some might think, My Disco are HUMAN!

After such a disappointing day at the Essential Festival this was exactly the kind of show I needed. It was nothing short of a triple serving of musical brilliance and at every point, including the kebab break between Ohana and Fabulous Diamonds, it was extremely satisfying.

Ohana kicked things off and turned out a solid short set. They sound better and better everytime I see them as they rapidely travel towards the climax - a physical release of their new material - in just a few months time.

Ohana is Wollongong for 'tight jeans and whirling guitars'.


Melbourne's Fabulous Diamonds broke up the two more methodical acts and proved as a fantastic inclusion. Their sound is completely original, existing somewhere between bizarre organ-based art rock and cinematic background fistykuffs. Lame description, but great music.

Fabulous Diamonds

I was within earshot of one of the parentals of Fabulous Diamonds during the latter half of their set and, although I normally feel slightly awkward when the parents of bands are so close, her affection towards the strange sonic pleasures that the band produced was somewhat endearing.

She was grinning ear-to-ear as she commended Ohana's frontman on their entertaining set, while at the same time conveying her excitement over the fact that the closing number was a new song that she hadn't heard yet. Strange, but lovely.

In fact, Fabulous Diamonds were possibly the highlight of the night for me. Their sound is incomparable and kinda all over the place, yet completely addictive at the same time. I highly recommend you get your hands on their five-track self-titled 7" release A-SAP!

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