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Peabody @ Spectrum

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Heading into this show, up the Spectrum stairs and past the Slate bourbon sponsored wall, an age old formula was bouncing around my head like a ping-pong death match:

PL = POR * k

PL = Peaboby live
POR = Peabody on record
k = constant = 4000

And you know what? It was [almost] that friggin' amazing.

The majority of the group's hour long set featured tracks from their new album, Prospero, which kinda made sense seeing as this was the official Sydney launch. This suited me just fine as well, seeing as, although I had taken an interest in their music for a little while, the new album was definitely the item of their back catalogue I was most familiar with.

Their notoriously strong live reputation (um.. did you see the formula up there?) was more than kept in tact as the songs were given an undeniable boost of energy, the group delivering them with a great mix of urgency and determination. Bruno Brayovic literally spat (and I mean literally! Umbrellas!) his lyrics at the crowd, with every word smacking the enthusiastic audience right in the chops like a heavy-set bouncer laying into the weak face of a sixty kilo cheeky drunk. It was like BOOM! Over. And then again. And again. Mental pictures, yes?

There were a handful of occasions where the group dove into their back catalogue to pull out a historically significant 'blast from da past'. This more than pleased the silver fox portion of the crowd who gave a lovely 60s-style head-banging nod of approval. These songs also, surprisingly, fit in just fine next to the newer material and there was no sense of the band only throwing them in to fill some space and/or to prevent a pensioner stage invasion.

Of the Prospero material, the mildly aggressive nature of Buzzrd Vs Ibis and The Only Way I Know were definite highlights and their punk rock undertone resignated well with the drunk/ruckus-causing portion of the crowd. Devil For Sympathy was probably my personal highlight, with the band even nailing the great harmonic chorus.

A damn fine show and a great way for the band to celebrate the release of what might be their finest recorded material to date. Twelve stars.

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