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Pivot + The Instant @ Spectrum

Saturday night, time to trundle down to Spectrum for another gig, this time an instrumental gorging in the form of one of Sydney's most talented bands, Pivot supported by up-and-comers The Instant.

The Instant played a good, if not stuttered set due to technical difficulties, and managed to show their potential at such a relatively young age. They've shown much promise in the last couple of months, and their live show hints at something bigger, despite not quite matching up to their album Notes & Errata.

Pivot, in a reduced guitar drums and ipod lineup then played to a sardine-packed yet slightly un-enthused audience, however despite the lacklustre response played almost entirely new songs passionately and creatively.

Despite some good intentions, many in the audience (read: me) were forced to watch the band in glimpses caught between squashing up to allow the constant stream of people that felt the urge to continually be moving somewhere. While Spectrum is the best venue in Sydney when it comes to consistently putting good bands on the venue, it also suffers from being so small that everywhere is a thoroughfare, and the fact that the crowds there are thoughtless and often seem to be disdainful of the bands they are supposedly there to see often leaves a sour taste in one's mouth. Rant over.

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