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Polaroids Of Androids


Polaroids Of Listroids 2010

Person/dude/swagger of the Year: Tyler, The Creator. Photo via Golf Wang

"Fuk your end of year list" - The Polaroids Of Twitteroids Bot (2011)

Funny kid/intern. But, I digress. And digest. More music than the average person. And although it's a pain listing all the promo CDs on eBay - it's really fucking worth it. This is the sweetest (unpaid) job on Earth. So, I sometimes think "maybe I should give something back to all those search engine bots, cunts, legends and high-school ex-girlfriends who visit this website every single day and earn me MAD DOLLAR$".

But let's not call this a gift. Because we're not that cocky and it's not that great. It's just a list of awesome things that happened in The Twenty Ten. It's not really a list of things we/I did during the year. But it also kind of is. And it's not really a list of our favourite songs/videos/albums of the year. But, again, there's plenty of that shit too. And there's some Negative Creep things thrown in there too because, although we hate being anti-everything cunts, you apparently live for that kinda shit. Buckle down.

Our Favourite Sydney Bands (2010 Edition):
Royal Headache
Betty Airs

Our Favourite Newcastle Bands (2010 Edition):
Crab Smasher
Crab Smasher
Crab Smasher
Crab Smasher
Bare Grillz

Our Favourite Wollongong Bands (2010 Edition):

Our Favourite Canberra Bands (2010 Edition):
Horse MacGyver (aka / / / ▲ ▲ ▲ \ \ \)
Assassins 88
TV Colours
Actually, pretty much everything/everyone associated with Dream Damage
Youth Group

Some local bands with awesome names:
Cock Safari
Old Men Of Moss Mountain
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Reckless Vagina

DJ aliases used by Jonny in 2010:
DJ (GST Inclusive)
DJ Windows 94
DJ Windows Fiesta
DJ Powerjoint Representation*
DJ Rape Mistle(toe)

*Although, I didn't actually make it to this show, the name was used in the advertisement/s.

Unexpected 2010 highlights:
The no-show by DJ Powerjoint Representation at his debut/final ever performance
Bag Raiders teaming up with Daryl Braithwaite to perform "One Summer"
Rap music
Rappers on Twitter
Phoenix (and 'Daft Punk') @ Madison Square Garden
Soulja Boy's new album
White boy RnB
T.I's new album
Ernest Ellis
Mike's love of minimal Berlin techno

B1, B2 and Dazzles

Notable omissions from our Twenty Ten megamixes:
Peabody - It Doesn't Matter
The E.L.F
Berlin minimal techno jams

Memorable words and phrases:
"Life Is Easy" (tm)
"Life Is A Completely Management Entity" (tm)

Our most overused Twitter hashtags:

Unexpected 2010 shark jumpers:
Lil Wayne
"Chopped and Skewed"
Wolf Parade

Top ten most downloaded/streamed Reacharounds
10. Ernest Ellis - I Am The Beast
9. Cabins - Catcher In The Rye
8. My Disco - Young
7. Kyu - Pixiphony (High Places Remix)
6. Street Chant - Stoned Again
5. / / / ▲ ▲ ▲ \ \ \ - Spit Shine
4. Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Chrome Wu-Tang Remix)
3. The Mint Chicks - Bad Buzz
2. Die! Die! Die! - HT
1. Circle Pit - Hurricane

Top ten BEST EVER text messages from Marf Loth:
8. "Played already. It was a disgrace. Horror show. Shambles. Etc."
7. "I'll ask master warnock he should know"
6. "Thank christ you missed last nights solo-journey-into-public-humilation-and-self-destruction"
4. "Look. It will be a relaxing sunday of alcoholic abuse. You'll see."
3. "PEOPLE HAVE TO WORK! Well, not me personally. But.. Other.. People?"
2. "I'll be nothing but a beaten mound of gore and human flesh by the time you arrive."

Australian music is kinda embarrassing (the top/bottom ten):
10. Australian hip-hop
9. Most of the 'promo interviews' Jonny has done and will do in the future (including last week's FBi appearance)
8. "Sydney bands"
7. Phoned-in cameos by semi-retired, washed-up US hip-hop icons on radio-friendly Australian Idol "urban" singles
6. Phil Jameson and Wes Carr on Twitter
5. Emails from Triple J where they explained what a meme was and "how to get involved"
4. The 2010 ARIAs
3. Washington
2. Washington
1. Washington

Most read album reviews:
10. The National - High Violet
9. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
8. Menomena - Mines
7. Weezer - Hurley
6. Royal Headache - 7"
5. M.I.A. - /\/\ /\ Y /\
4. The Drums - The Drums
3. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
2. Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Rush To Relax
1. Washington - I Believe You Liar

Side note: twice as many people 'tuned in' to read our hatred of Washington than for our mild appreciation of the Steady Eddys. You cunts are too negative. Stay Positive (tm). In fact, the 'score' of the top five most read reviews averaged out just a smidge about 4. Damn.. you cunts LOVE that negative creepy shit.

Biggest disappointments of 2010:
No Age - Everything In Between
LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
The Nicki Minaj album
The lack of new album/s from Further and the Tucker Bs
The lack of live performances by Further and the Tucker Bs
The lack of new/re-hashed material from Farnsy, Barnsy and Braithwaite
Weezer didn't call it quits

Some memorable shows from 2010:
Monotonix @ Annandale Hotel
Baths and How To Dress Well @ Brooklyn Bowl
Die! Die! Die! @ Oxford Art Factory
Ghosts Of Television @ Oxford Art Factory (Gallery Bar) - THE FAREWELL SHOW
$A$$Y CLAW$ (DJ set) @ Polaroids Of Xmasroids
Clipse @ Metro Theatre

Die! Die! Die! @ Oxford Art Factory. Photo by Tenzenmen

Seven more things about My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy that somehow didn't fit into our 40,000 word review:
1. The incredibleness of the abrupt transition from Devil In A New Dress to the lone piano key note intro on Runaway
2. Nicki Minaj's album-stealing verse on Monster
3. "Hard to be humble when you stuntin' on a jumb-o-tron"
4. The phrases "overwhelming sensory pleasures", "Ikea drenched apartment", "cosmetically fixed as a beneficiary of his success"
5. The signed guarantee that this is the only time Bon Iver will be connected to a 9+ review on this website
6. A transcript of the discussion between Mike and I on whether or not the RZA is now as crazy as ODB
7. "I think my Dad would even like this album"

Artists worth doing a HTML entity search for:
1. / / / ▲ ▲ ▲ \ \ \

Artists not worth doing a HTML entity search for:
1. Kyu

No, we will not format your band name in lowercase with silly little French/German characters above the letters:
1. Kyu

Artists we actually quite like but didn't talk about that much (or in some cases, at all) in 2010:
Twin Shadow
How To Dress Well
Gold Panda
The Wrens
Lil B
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Big Boi
Richard In Your Mind
My Disco
R. Kelly

Rest In Peace:
Captain Beefheart
Ari Up
Malcolm McLaren
Jay Reatard
Mark Linkous
Teena Marie
Michael Douglas
Leslie Nielsen
The Mint Chicks (possibly/hopefully just a coma)

A random selection of some of the great South American Twitter @ replies/mentions we receive on a daily basis:
Ok. @Poa querendo ver Tron 3D... Vamo que vamo.
@poa O terra boa!!!!!
Saindo... Rumo @poa Bjs!
alguem sabe se o bairro navegantes em @PoA .... perto do aeroporto ?
Kaskade @poa esse final de semana! Show imperd...vel!
@POA - Cansadissima!!!
passa o clipe u smile do justin para a gurizada amo a isabeli @POA
28 graus @POA!

Best hangover cures:
2. Ten pack of McNuggets, 1 large chocolate McThickshake, the New South Wales south coast and the Drake album
1. Sex

Jonny's best eBay purchases:
1. 7" of Avalanches' Since I Left You single

Jonny's favourite items of clothing given to him as gifts (in no particular order):
2. Bruce Springsteen 1985 tour singlet
1. Original Beavis and Butthead MTV t-shirt

Mike's best Amazon.dk purchases:
2. A kettle
1. An amazing indoor bike stacking mechanism

The Top Five Songs Of 2010 (no arguments accepted!):





Five more awesome 2010 things that somehow didn't fit into any of the lists above:

1. SPOD's face-meltingly amazing music video work

eg. Richard In Your Mind - Candelabra

2. The fact that more and more "local bands are doing it for themselves", realising that they don't need 'venues', 'managers' and junk like that to get their music out to the people.

From Intentions' blog:

Having emailed promoters in Sydney and Melbourne furiously, used contacts, contacts of contacts and employed every known adjective to describe the band positively - I have given up. Promoters do not want to take a risk with a band that is clearly "DIY" and is unproven and may not bring in the necessary number of drinking patrons.

Fortunately I have come to the realisation that this search has been quite futile. Why are we striving so hard to play at these venues? Our most enjoyable shows are generally the most DIY ones. Houses, friendly shops and warehouses. Our striving for further recognition seems to necessitate playing to unfriendly audiences.

I have decided to focus my attention towards organising more house shows and nurturing the environment that has given us so much.

3. Plies and his "money salad"

4. Lil B heavy metal shirt

5. Levins' continual high standard of photobombing

2010 summed up in less than 140 characters:

Seven things worth getting out of bed for in 2011:
1. Menomena @ The Factory on February 7
2. Summer Vibes 2011
3. Royal Headache's debut album
4. Laneway Festival 2011
5. The shitload of awesome shows happening in February and March
6. Everything that Odd Future are going to do that'll probably be amazing — including (possibly) teaming up with XL and/or Stones Throw to release physical stuff
7. An epic NYE hangover that'll more than likely be chased away by this

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"Life Is A Completely Management Entity"


1 decade ago


hey, this is Mike Richards from Portland records. Can you put me in touch with TV Colours? We're set and ready to roll. Big money real soon!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

@albertinho is maybe the name of an airport as well..? people often say "i'm @poa..." etc

1 decade ago


I'll ask my mum, her Portuguese is better

1 decade ago


POA - Salgado Filho International Airport, Brazil. Yep, I'm that bored.

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How did The Wesley Snipers not get the best Gong band of 2010? This is fucking bullshit!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

@rav active bands only mate!
ps: wollongong sux like the kiama blow hole

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townsville is the new wollongong

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Don't be so cruel to Townsville @Bella

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