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Polaroids Of Listroids 2011

Molly Meldrum laughing in the face of death, the early years

"I fucking love that Polaroids site cuz they don't make fukced end-of-year lists like those other cunts and they fuking hate Art Vs Bear" - The Internet, December 22, 2011

And I'm paraphrasing. And slightly paralysed, having spent a large portion of My Xmas Period trying out my new hang-glider down at the magnificent Stanwell Tops. And IT IS bloody tops. Cash for comment. Advertising dollars well spent. Etc.

But, YES, we don't like to make a habit of listing the best Phil Collins albums of the year (all of 'em right, mate/s?), our favourite 300 Drake remixers by 15-year old pimply kids in Birmingham and/or a definitive list of the best Kenny West blooper videos of 2011. Spoiler: he's tripping on business cards in almost all of them.

So, instead here's just a collection of other lists. Some make sense. Some are such in-jokes I don't even get them. Kinda like that Nas lyric about shoving pentagrams up inside the vagina of Egyptian Princesses.

Didn't happen in 2011, don't hold your breathe for 2012:
» Nas explaining his fetish for shoving pentagrams into God's Sun
» A viral video of Nas explaining what a pentagram is
» Dr Dre releasing Detox
» Amy Winehouse checking herself into detox
» Talons reunion
» The Mint Chicks reunion
» Three 6 Mafia winning another Aria

Our Favourite Sydney Bands/Artists (2011 Edition):
» Unity Floors
» Royal Headache
» Collarbones
» Yes I'm Leaving
» Guerre
» Peabody

Our Favourite Canberra Bands/Artists (2011 Edition):
» The Fighting League
» Cat Cat
» Youth Group

Our Favourite Newcastle Bands/Artists (2011 Edition):
» Alps
» Alps Of NSFW
» Alps Of Small Bars, Newcastle
» Polyfox and the Union of Most Ghosts
» Bare Grillz
» N. Martin

What's going on Wollongong??? (2011 Edition):
» Nah, seriously Gongers - let me know what's happening.

Some cool cats:
» Cat Cat
» Catcall
» Bong Cat
» Paul Treman and his Aristocats
» Rolf Harris

2011 Listroid categories suggested by Rav:
» Best albums of 2011 with horses on the cover
» Top seven Dum Dum Girls Rav would try and impregnate
» Most enjoyable experimental drugs to do with The Laurels

Most read record reviews:
10. Ghoul - Dunks
9. Frank Ocean - Nostaglia, Ultra
8. Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Hurtsville
7. Assassins 88 / TV Colours - Split 7"
6. Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde
5. Step Panther - Step Panther
4. Royal Headache - Royal Headache
3. Electric Flu - Catch The...
2. Oh Mercy - Great Barrier Grief
1. Art Vs Science - The Experiment

Least read record reviews (Because we didn't review these records. But we probably should have. Maybe in 2011? Some sort of retrospective glance back? Remember when music was bloody great?):
» Ernest Ellis & The Panamas - Kings Canyon
» Per Purpose - Implicating More Than One
» Danny Brown - XXX
» Death Grips - Exmilitary
» Drake - Take Care
» Alps - Alps Of New South Wails
» Childish Gambino - Camp

Side note: Of course, it's (kinda) pointless listing our favourite 'albums', because a) you can just see them presented in order of rating here and; b) our favourite two things of the year were actually a pair of seven-inches. Maybe that speaks volumes about our lack of focus, the changing consumption of music or maybe we just like it short and sweet and wear younger man's clothes. Miss you Joely.

Unexpected 2011 lowpoints:
» Mike getting kicked out of our Xmas party for trying to lift up Marcus Collarbones for a bit of ol' fashioned 1994 crowd-surfing
» Betty Best Coast, both live and in-person
» Odd Future live at the Opera House, aka "we're not kids anymore"
» Seeing a girl pissing on the Opera House steps after the Odd Future show. So bloody "un-Australian, right?"
» I didn't make it off the couch to go to the Unknown Mortal Orchestra or How To Dress Well show/s
» Street Chant live
» Drake getting mad at the tattoo artist you tattooed his name on a girl's forehead

Unexpected and completely expected 2011 highlights:
» Royal Headache released 'that album'
» Royal Headache did an amazing launch show for 'that album'
» Peabody playing 152 shows in the space of three months, within a 3km radius
» Unity Floors going from strength to bloody strength
» That Bon Iver record
» Sydney music is still bloody tops
» PoA Live and everyone involved in making that happen
» Everything Drake did (except for hating on the tattoo guy who gave that mental patient an awesome tattoo)

Some memorable live performance/s:
» Summer Vibes at the Croatian Club, Newcastle, January 16
» The Hold Steady at Metro, March 8
» Royal Headache at Good God, September 2
» The Fighting League at OAF Gallery, September 22
» Peabody at The Rose, Erskineville, October 7
» Yes I'm Leaving at Passing Strange, OAF Gallery, October 20
» Tucker B's at Cleveland Street warehouse, October 31

Negative Creeps, 2011:
» Dom Alessio, Triple J
» The Annandale Hotel's buy-a-brick and save our pub philosophy
» Gareth Liddiard
» The 939 people/legends that 'liked' this article

Very forgettable phrases we tried to get off the ground:
» "Sweg"
» "Smeg"
» "Swog"
» "McSwag"
» "Any more 'would' and I'd be in a log cabin giving Bon Iver a Best New Blowjob"

Pretty great online late-night (drunk) purchases:
» Action Bronson Mishka t-shirt
» Bottle of 10-year old Springbank single malt whiskey
» The Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson book
» "Cats Rule Everything Around Me" poster

Good Lil Reacharounds
» Lil Scrappy - 50k
» Lil Wayne - President Carter
» Lil B - Game + I Hate Myself
» Lil Flip - Smoke

Shark Hurdling 2011:
» Odd Future
» Moving to New York to start a Fashion Blog
» Lo-fi Indie SummerIz4Eva
» Chill Wave
» Sweet Chilli Wave
» Rave Wave
» Ghost Wave
» Google Wave
» The Soundtrack for the American Apparel Telemovie
» Music Festivals

Never jumping over sharks, never not being Legends, 2011:
» Molly Meldrum
» Lil B
» Dominic Death, The Fighting League

Big in 2012:
» Catcall
» Website updates
» Dressing like your Dad
» Dressing like your Dad when he's attempting to dress like you
» Drinking whiskey like a Boss / Rick Ross
» Rick Ross
» Hating on Triple J for it's narrow minded approach to music
» Patting ourselves on the back for our narrow minded approach to music
» Opinions
» Clams Casino
» The Lil B + Clams Casino collaboration project
» Goth Trance
» Rape Rap
» Unity Floors
» Dro Carey
» Making
» Country (not Western)
» Further

Top 1 song/s of 2011:
» Unity Floors - Identity Theft

Top 5 most played versions of She Will:
1. The DJ Leon Smith E-Nailed Blend, Version Four
2. Remix featuring Rick Ross (no tags)
3. Remix featuring Rick Ross (tags)
4. Original
5. Trae The Truth freestyle

Best Juicy J songs of 2011:

Best Kobe Byrant-related hooks of 2011:

Reasons to get out of bed in 2012 (have you yet?):
» Michael Clarke (and Australia) are bloody killing it in the cricket
» Getting a curry for breakfast just to throw a couple of sneaky little digs into the only (actual) Indian people you know
» Seriously, cricket is tops
» January 7 - the launch party for our Polaroids Of Cricketroids sub-site/re-branding
» January 11 - Dan Deacon vs John Maus
» January 14 - Dead Farmers 7" launch
» January 18/19 - PJ Harvey and then more PJ Harvey
» January 20 - Yes I'm Leaving album launch
» January 27 - Death Grips at Hermanns
» The weather is pretty bloody nice (here in Sydney)
» New free Frightened Rabbit EP

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three things:

1) thanks for biggin up catcall, so underrated
2) shouts to the T-SHIRT prediction, the vibe is strong over here too

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