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Splashbacks 2012 - Peabody, Tucker Bs and Further didn't release albums | Articles | Polaroids Of Androids
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Splashbacks 2012
Peabody, Tucker Bs and Further didn't release albums

Previously on Splashbacks 2012: The Laurels released an album.

Often Vegemite is a metaphor for Good Things.

Bored Nothing, Pop Singles, Edward Current's Suggestion Webring. They're all bluddy tops bands mate/s, but 0% of them featured in our Incredible Musical Acts Of The Past Decade wrap-up. In fact, only three Ozzie bands were given that "honour" — Peabody, Tucker Bs and Further. And for the fourteenth year running, all three of them didn't release albums in 2012.

We decided to do a bit of mild stalking to find out what the hold-up is...


2011 ended well for the Peas. During the months of October and November they played about 28 shows within a 5km radius of their homebase, including performances at "The Townie", Black Wire, The Lansdowner and The Rose Of Erskineville. The latter of which was especially memorable for myself, partly due to the pre-show Laser Siege show-down and partly because of the reasonably priced schooners.

In January 2012 frontman Bruno fucked off to France for the year to be an ambassador for our ongoing global peace efforts and to pursue the lucrative clams and clam-related riches associated with Woody Allen Impersonation Contests. Failing on all fronts, Bruno ended up busking in broken-French under the bottom left pillar of the Eithel Tower, begging for baguettes and other French stereotypes.

On the home-front, The Bodies considered several offers to play instrumental sets, but wisely chose instead to take a well-earned break from their ruff-neck leader. They all traded in their newfound freedom for offspring and sensibly priced, environmentally friendly automobiles.

2012 ended with a mild bang, with the News that Bruno would be soon returning home...

While his love of Soul II Soul continues to be a disturbing footnote to his otherwise harmless list of hobbies, it's bluddy great news that Double B will soon be back in our land. Welcome home shows, a greatest hits compilation and a concept album about the French Revolution and it's relationship with the Toyota Prius are all rumoured to be currently in "the planning stage".


In September, 2011 Further playing their "last show for yonks" with Trail Of Dead and Grand Fatal. Similar to Bruno Peabody, Leo Further had caught a nasty case of the Travelling Bug and was forced to head overseas to seek treatment. Due to the band's strict enforcement of the No Performances Via Skype rule they didn't play any shows during Leo's absence.

Upon his return, everyone hugged and high-fived Leonardo. Once the celebration died down, the band cleared their schedules and set about recording some new material. In a well-orchestrated example of Viral Marketing, the band proceeded to drip-feed us slithers of information via their Facebook page.

March 19:

So not to put any pressure on him or nuffin' but little Leo returns from his travels in a couple of days, so it looks like Further might be up for finishing the new record/playing some shows. Just in case you were wondering...

June 19:

Leo recording vocals on a new song which we will be giving away next week. Stay tuned, it's a killer!

August 22:

Super close to posting a new Further track. By next week expect the first of an ongoing series of newness!

And then finally on October 11...

Around the same time they played at Black Wire (I was overseas and missed it). I did, however, catch them playing at Mirian in Marrickville (R.I.P?). They sounded fucking incredible. Matt wore a dirty white pimp suit.

In a recent statement, bassist Andy Cowland let it slip that the new album will more than likely be released sometime in the next five years...

Further are still moving ever so slowly; married family men and mortgage payers these days so hope to have something released before 2018 otherwise that will be 10years since the last one.
Tucker Bs

With their country-divided membership, The Tuck Tuck Express is a quiet beast these days, having not extruded anything since the wondrously shambolic 2009 release, Nightmares In The Key Of (((((WOW))))). They did, however, come together in late December for their only live performance of the year at our Xmasroids event. They sounded more brutal than a pack of horny nuns on a field trip and/or a pack of horny nuns skipped through a field of testicles on a violently charged acid trip.

Speaking of which, here's an artistic interpretation/reality shot from their Xmasroiding appearance...

The band have also been spending a little bit of time in a studio (possibly of the virtual variety). Two demo tracks have emerged and are presented below in all their Daddy-Touching Glory...

No committed words on a new album just yet, but, much like the Further and Peabody lads, it makes us moist-like-a-nun even just to see things in motion. A triple-treat for 2013? Let's bluddy hope so.

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Splashbacks 2012


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