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Splashbacks 2012
Rice Is Nice continued to roll out their World Domination plan

We continue our slow enjoyable romp through the joyous Splashing Hills Of 2012. In this instalment (maybe the last, but who knows we might continue this until August) we chat to Rice Is Nice CEO, Julia "Dimples" Wilson, about the label's 2012 successes and their big plans for the year ahead.

Seriously, if Dimples were dollars this Music "Business" wouldn't be such Strife

Odds are you listened to something in 2012 with a Rice Is Nice sticker on it. The wonderful Sydney label were the experts responsible for releasing some amazing music last year from The Laurels, Good Heavens, Donny Benet and Richard In Your Mind; as well as throwing one of the best Sunday arvo sessions (editor: parties) of the millennium at the Annandale Hotel.

We already knew the label had the highly anticipated social lubricant that is SPOD's new album set for release in 2013, however we wanted to find out more. So Rav fired off a few email questions to Rice Is Nice CEO, Julia Wilson, who was lovely enough to take the time to email back some answers.

Rice Is Nice had a massive year in 2012. The Laurels debut, Good Heavens debut, the Richard In Your Mind EP, Donny Benet's new record, that epic Annandale party — what are some of your personal highlights or moments from 2012 that really stand out?

Well, 2012, hey... I thought it was full of doom but in hindsight... It was great! Thanks for bringing that up.

The RIN party to me was a bit of a test to see if people actually honestly cared and well, who would have thought, but people came! I think I just walked around all night looking through the crowd thinking, "Woah, I don't know any of you". It's no longer just our friends supporting us. This is in no way reflective of the bands — of course it would sell out, the bands rule — but my mind set was pretty negative at that time. You all showed me.

Working with The Laurels and Good Heavens were huge things for me in 2012. Having two new bands wanting to join the RIN team was an effort but really something I am proud of. Being able to release a second record for Donny Benet was grand and he wrote a song for me, that's gotta be a highlight. SPOD's clips for our artists are always a highlight (and saviour — thanks Spuds!).

You had a hand in introducing the Good Heavens kids to one another, any plans to create anymore fucking awesome bands in the near future? Or if you could pair a few of your local dream musicians, whose janglers would you drop in the key party bowl and hope they find a "connection"?

Yeah that kind of became some kind of "thing" that I set that up, but they are just friends of mine who had not yet met. It just so happens that I have a lot of incredibly talented friends. To make me sound better, I should say that it was a calculated process, which took over 24 months to orchestrate and develop and it was very involved.

Umm more awesome collabs....ummmm, well Darren Nuttall from the Tucker B's did a remix mash up of every Rice Is Nice band for my birthday and I tell you what sunshine, that shit is epic. So maybe that's a good idea. Tucker B's 4 life.

So far we know (and are ironing our schooner coasters in preparation for) SPOD's new album — what other new releases are set for this calendar year from the label?

Ohhhh wellllll it is looking really busy and my brain is going to fold in on itself. We have new SPOD material, a GIANT anniversary for SPOD, Good Heavens single, video clip and vinyl, Laurels in the US, Shady Lane 7", brand new Seja album, STRAIGHT ARROWS if I keep emailing Owen and maybe a few other things...

The 2012 Marketing Strategy, The 2013 Bender.

The aforementioned "epic Annandale party" was one of the best hootenannies of 2012 — can we prep our foam domes for a 2013 repeat?

"Best hootenannies of 2012" wahheeyy cop that everyone! Well I would like to have a 2013 foam party. That is a good idea, although I don't think the purity of an innocent ol' foam party is what YOU were referring to. But yes I would like to do something — wanna help me?

Rice Is Nice is already brimming with a solid broth of artists, any plans to sign more artists in 2013 / can you give me some feedback on my demo?

Brimming! I would like to, but I need to get some of those cloned sheep and train them up on how to do PR, burn CDs, steal stationary, organise a release of 10 and once that's sorted I might be looking at a certain someone or another. Yes I want your demo.

You guys did a phenomenal job in 2012 of crafting a lot of respect for yourselves as a label. Obviously that has a lot to do with the bands that you've got signed. However, do you guys have any personal goals you've set for yourselves for this year or for the label as a whole? I know that you guys are still a really small operation — any plans to expand the team / where do I send my resume?

I kind of don't want to answer this question because it's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me AND I think I am already undone all of the respect I may gained in 2012 from my previous answers.

But I will say YES, we are expanding, I have lots of plans, plans, plans and yes I want your freakin' resume — can't you see I'm drowning here?

So what's the first big thing on the cards for Rice Is Nice in 2013?

Shhhhh, I am sleepy now.

And finally, cliché job interview question — where do you guys see yourselves in five years?

I have a few options to chose from:
1. In the bin.
2. Tasmania.
3. L.A.
4. Woy Woy

There are obviously some highs and lows to come go off that list.

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Splashbacks 2012


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