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Splendour In The Grass sells out very quickly, people riot over shitty online ticketing system, more sideshows announced

By now you have probably heard that the Splendour In The Grass festival has officially 112% SOLD OUT. It doesn't take much 'investigative reporting' to find a lot of folks who are pissed off about the failing internet ticketing system or still not sure if their order went through correctly.

This isn't the first time the 100% internet ticketing system has failed. In previous years people have expressed their outrage by fucking-up queue systems and organisers simply 'underestimating' the demand of, not only Splendour In The Grass, but all music festivals in Australia in recent years.

Neil Ackland, Managing Director of QJump, the people in charge of the ticketing gateway used by Splendour, today issued this statement about his system's involvement in what some are labeling 'a complete shimozzle':

We would like to sincerely apologise to everyone affected by the issues experienced with the online sales of Splendour in the Grass tickets. We understand and acknowledge the frustrating time that many Splendour fans have experienced.

Unfortunately an issue with the bank's payment gateway prevented some customers who had successfully queued from completing their purchase of tickets. Our team has been working around the clock to respond to each and every email and call. We hope you can be patient with us while we complete this process.

The demand for tickets far outweighed supply, with over 70,000 people trying to purchase 17,500 tickets and for many people the problems encountered with the queue and payment gateway meant that people were kept waiting for several hours only to miss out. For that we are very sorry.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Now, as a 'web guy', I understand that the internet isn't the almighty robotic mastermind that people often think it is and therefore get that, like anything, shit sometimes doesn't work right. However, I fail to understand how, given the recent trends in Australian music festival 'culture' over the past couple of years, the organisers did not foresee such a giant influx of people hammering the site at 9.01am attempting to get tickets and take the extra measures. Whether they be increased number of servers, load balancings, nerdy super-side-load mechanisms, extra 1000 chimps on bikes etc etc.

I also don't really understand how or why, besides possibly the issue of eating into (I assume) the festival's (also assumed) large profits, they wouldn't split their ticket sales between 'modern' technology (eg. THE INTERNET!) and more traditional failsafe methods (eg. phone and box office sales). People have an attitude towards the internet that it should 'just work' and it's because of this attitude that there is always such a giant backlash when it doesn't. To the average person the creation of a complex queue-based ticketing payment system is no harder than correctly configuring an RSS reader.

I think, however, that the solution was simple. By splitting the demand amongst several different methods, surely that increases the chances that people who miss out on tickets will miss out fairly and thus not be left with a negative feeling towards the festival, which, I assume, is something that is quickly growing. I know that if I was told that a ticket outlet near my house had 200 tickets to a festival or concert that I wanted to go to and it was purely a 'stand in the line overnight' challenge that I was faced with - I would do it - or lose out by kids who were tougher than me.

It's really the only logical and fair solution.

Well, either that or the organisers could hold some sort of Gladiators-style challenge where the highest ranked 17,500 after the 14 unique and challenging sports (ie. left arm boxing, extreme knitting and water mountaineering) will be awarded with tickets. Fuck, how awesome is Gladiators. I can't believe they took it off air for so long.

Eh .. who cares anyways. Fuck festivals. They are full of bright-coloured t-shirt kids with southern cross tattoos and Australia-flag capes who make me feel old, 'out of touch' and un-Ostralian. Everyone who is anyone knows that the true MAGIC of festivals only happens at the sideshows.

And... with the SOLD OUT news comes even more sideshows. The list just keeps growing...

Sigur Ros
Friday August 1: Festival Hall, Melbourne
Saturday August 2: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Laura Marling
Tuesday August 5: The Factory Theatre, Sydney
Wednesday August 6: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

The Fratellis
Thursday July 31: Capitol, Perth
Tuesday August 5: Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne
Wednesday August 6: Metro Theatre, Sydney

Lightspeed Champion
Wednesday July 30: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Thursday July 31: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney

Band Of Horses
Sunday, August 3: Billboard Nightclub, Melbourne
Tuesday, August 5: Metro Theatre, Sydney

Thursday, July 31: Festival Hall, Melbourne
Friday, August 1: Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
Tuesday, August 5: Hebarton Pavilion, Adelaide
Wednesday, August 6: Metro City, Perth

Vampire Weekend
Monday, August 4: Metro Theatre, Sydney
Wednesday, August 6: Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

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great rant.
what is water mountaineering?

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

similar to mountaineering
but more aquatic

1 decade ago


Uh, yeah, what he said.

Apart from the Gladiators bit. That show sucks balls, just sayin'.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

i'll admit the old version is loads better... but the new still has the awkward crowd cheers etc

1 decade ago


What side shows are people going to? I'm going to Lightspeed and um, thats about it.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

honestly.. i don't think i will bother..
maybe lightspeed though
can you buy me a ticket brownsound?

1 decade ago


I have tickets for Sigur Ros
Will be buying tickets for Band of Horses and Cold War Kids (they are playing the Enmore)

Am curious about Lightspeed Champion, still undecided.

Not really interested in Vampire Weekend or anything else.
I think second announcement of acts is on Wednesday.

1 decade ago


i bought tickets for sigur ros... hope it's worth it..

what's the deal with ticketek charging $6.95 for pick up at the venue???

1 decade ago


Yes, all these ticket agencies hit you badly, even you are
picking up the tickets yourself. Total ripoff!

1 decade ago

Kasee Lara

Sigur Ros (fuck the o) and (as of this second) considering Cold War Kids.

Completely agreed with the ticket agencies ripping you off. Since when does regular mail cost $8.95?

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

i love it how they often give you 'pick up' or 'mail' and both cost the same ...
they are charging me $7 to swipe my credit card and print my ticket.. come da phuck on

1 decade ago


Love it how Byron Bay is deemed 'too close' to Brisbane to justify a show here...

Probably would have only considered sigur ros and possibly band of horses...

1 decade ago


we have sigur ros tickets.

1 decade ago


I'm going to splendour but only because tickets came my way without me having to deal with the retarded ticketing thingy... I can't believe they totally stuffed it up again...

Not sure if I will make any sideshows as well... probably not

1 decade ago

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