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Polaroids Of Androids


Straight Arrows @ Newtown Hotel

Yes, we know we talk about the Straight Arrows a lot.

But it"s only because we are a fan of the radness which they seem to eminate when they are on stage.

Another great example of which happened last night as they battled through the pole dancers and gay porn at the Newtown Hotel (No, I'm not just falling into stereotypes here, they really were playing gay porn movies on the TV's around the bar) to once again entertain the punters and get everyone into a party mood as party of the monthly Hit The Switch night.

As mentioned before, the vibe at Hit The Switch is a pretty relaxed, non-confrontational, non-threatening one, and the DJ"s did a great job of enhancing the experience with old time hits carefully selected to make people (mainly myself) dance 1950"s style.

A great night if there ever was one, can't wait for next time.

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Straight Arrows


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